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How would it be like living for years, i mean like immortal.I always wonder how it would be.Never in your life you need to be frightened of facing the death.You won't feel like you have wasted your day, because you have got centuries to live your life.You don't have to worry if something goes wrong with someone since you have got plenty of time to get things straighten up with them.Most of all you never have to worry about getting old and bedridden because you are sick.Wouldn't it be so amazing living your life with your grandparents and their grandparents, our grandchildren and their grandchildren.Here we get the chance to chose our decision on when we plan to end our life.
I know this could never happen(unless our medical field is improved more). Atleast a few could get a chance to experience this.Then we would know how this would be.We could get to know people from all the centuries.We get a know, what all difference are seen in people from 21th century to people from 25…

Christmas 2011

Christmas is all about enjoying, reunion of families and friends, celebration and lotz of eating.Christmas Day is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ,celebrated generally on December 25.All the people around belonging to different religion joins to celebrate Christmas. Christmas means differently for all age groups.For kids, it reminds them of the vacations, outing etc.For an adult it means a small break from their work, and for old age group, it is the time when their children and grandchildren visit them after a long time.Christmas is all about happiness.From rich to poor, they celebrate the christmas in the way they can.
Christmas reminds any one of the cake, stars, gifts, wine and Santa Claus.It is the time when nights turns to daytime.We see a small star hanging in front of our house. Carol songs are sung.Trees are decorated.Special dinners are prepared. Everywhere you could see is happiness.
So I wish every viewers a very very happy christmas.Hope all of you en…


In my opinion, what fujifilm offers you is that, more options and good quality in low price.All the user of fujifilm doesn't have any genuine complaints on fujifilm cameras.As I have told you, I have bought a FinePix JX300 yesterday.It is soo small and light weight, hence easy to handle.Its functioning is simple because of the buttons provided on the right side of the camera.With less effort you can choose any photo mode with the button on top right of the camera near to the screen by rotating it.I am not telling that this option is only there for this camera, but it is good.Another thing that is good about fuji camera is about its color depth.This could make any photo lively.

I tried to capture a photo of the moon at night,but the photo didn't come out well.But I can tell that the flash functions very well that I captured a photo of my courtyard at night and it looked like taken at day time.As I have written before I am new to this panoramic photography, I tried capturing one,…

My family is hooked on

This is really absurd from my families part.I don't know why but my whole family, let it be my father's side or my mother's side, all the men are hooked up on cars, bikes and mobile phones.It is soo "funny" to see them talking about these thing, even if they are seeing each other after a very long time.I mean, I think they have lost all the human emotions they should have when they see their brothers, sisters or any family members.You all know that I have an elder brother.I have seen him with my cousin brother "always always" talking about these stuffs.Do you know what they talk to eachother when they first meet?The first question would be, have you seen the mobile I asked you to look for? or do you know the car I have been talking about?.I haven't actually seen them saying 'hai' to eachother before getting into a conversation.This is not just a problem with them, my whole family talk about these things when we get into some round table disc…

Panoramic photoghrapy

30 most breath taking panoramic photographies.
There is this site where I found 30 most beautiful photos.Out of all the 30 photos,I found 26 photos which are brilliant and so lively.I have been planning to buy a fujifilm DSLR camera with 14mp and 5x optical zoom.The camera suggested panorama photo mode in it.Since i haven't really captured any panoramic photography, i needed to know what actually this is and how to join the pics in order to make one. While searching in google,I found this site and the photos were soo good(in my opinion), so I thought to share it here.

There is this free software called AutoStitch, with which you can join the pics with less effort and less time consuming. Almost all the users have good commends on this software,except the fact that it does not work on mac PCs.I read lot of reviews which said it is free to download, but I could only find the trial version which is free to …


I always wanted to write about this but this is something i am really afraid of which made this much time lag to write about it.Few days earlier we had some people in our school to talk on the traffic situation in India and lot of other places.The session was really interesting and the police who came to talk about it also was very much alive.he showed us a few videos of traffic block in India and few other places.That was actually a lot of fun to know how people in this world drive.Usually when such programmes are arranged, we students don't pay much attention to it.But this time th situation was different, all of them were very attentive and keen to know what he was talking about.
After we had lots of fun, he started to show the photos from the accidents took place due to the lack of attention paid by the drives.That was so sympathetic.The pictures showed us how brutally people were killed in those accidents.I still remember few photos were people have lost their body parts and t…

Travelling is so cool

I was back after the one day trip at 11 pm.There was nothing much to see there,but we did had a good time in the bus.We were singing, dancing and most of all howling.The major problem we faced was the huge no. of leech.More than 5 leeches had bitten one of my classmate, and this time i was lucky because they leaved me alone.We went for trekking and we took more than half hour to climb on top of the rock.My leg was aching a bit but after that the panorama of the city soothed my pain.We rested on the rock until our other members reached.It was very cold up there and the cool breeze almost made me fall asleep.That was the most beautiful part of our trip.At night we where all tired but the laser in the bus along with the rocking music made us jump out of the seats.Although it was a one day trip, we had a blast.This time i didn't lose my voice which made the trip more joyful.
There is no photo from my trip, as we were not allowed to take the camera

Here is the picture of "vagamon ku…


When i was sitting lonely with my mobile on terrace,saw some dry leaves left on the roof.I just wanted to look how well the camera can focus.The photo did look well when i saw it.what do you guys say?

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for the trip to wagamon.Not expecting the trip to be good because if i wish for something good to happen, it won't.So fingers crossed.

Looking for a host

Nothing to write about this picture.This month was so boring for me.Nothing special happened in school or at home.We are having a trip this Nov 4 from school.Just wishing that it goes well.
Any way just wanted to know how this photo looks?

Ode to windows7-Through 3 os in one week

The first day after my computer OS was changed to Linux, I was totally not interested in it. XP was always my fav OS as I have been using it since my childhood. But when the latest version (windows7)of windows was published,I got a proposal to change my old OS. As it was the latest version and few of my friends had it, I decided to change my OS. But that became the worst decision I ever took. As on board video card drivers was not able to support windows 7, the screen resolution was 640*480. also the sound was not detected. I searched for the drivers to install in my PC but I couldn't find one in there site. So I again decided to change my OS back to XP. That too ended very badly! my PC again was not able to support XP. I don’t know why it happened so. As it had been in use for a long time, it should have installed properly.again I searched for the drivers and I found one for the video and sound. I did these searching in my bro’s computer and I copied it from his and installed it …

scribbled photos

I know i haven't posted anything that goes with the title.Even now i don't have any photos to post that goes well with the title.this blog is to write something that is just bit filmy.
In this pic you can see someone who is always following me in light.
When i was in class 4 and 5 my physics teacher used to take us outside at noon and ask us to look where our shadows are.At that time it was pretty exciting to see the shadow and to know how it is formed and why at particular time it change its position.Now i don't even bother about it and also, we come out of the class only during PT(physical training) periods.

Why do we behave like this

I took this photo with my bro's friends mobile camera.As he was out for few days he gave his mobile to my brother.As my brother know that i am interested in editing photos and my mobile has 1.5 mp camera, bro allowed me to use it only if i promise not to damage it.I was so contemned as my bro trusted me.That day evening he left with my uncle to his house.After he went i was sitting idly for few hrs in front of the laptop and later i thought of entertaing me with the "new" camera.
when i went to the terrace,i got to see few crows sitting on the branches patiently.At first they were scared of me and later we started to built a bond.
When i found those crows sitting on the branches, a big question striked in my head-why we people can't sit like that even for a minute? let me make it clear for you,in my life in school there had never been a situation where we students sat together in silents(and thats the reason why our principal always scold us). yes there had been a cou…


Although this is my dad's glasses on the table, I don't know why but it reminds me of my grand father.I still remember the day my grand father was dead.That was for the second time my grand father was hospitalized for blood clotting in the brain.I never visited him in the hospital as i thought he would recover again from the clotting and also as i was in class 8th and i never knew the feeling of missing someone for an entire life.That day as usual i got up and went to school.As it was interclass competition the day after, we were busy in rehearsals.As i was the coordinator of dance I had to finalize everything and as it was our last day of free periods we were enjoying it to our maximum.At this time an attender came to our class and said that i was called to principals office and he also asked me to pack my bag and take it with me.I knew that something was wrong.When i reached the office i saw my dad standing their and after a short conversation with the vice principal we left…

Worst subject turns to my favorite subject

Till 9th maths has been the worst, hard and most boring subject other than social in my life.You can never imagine how much i hated maths.I used to tell my parents that i had studied maths so much, but i didn't get good marks.When i reached 10th i decided to learn maths as that was our last chance to prove them that we are eligible for what we opted for class 11th.I decided to attend tuition(extra class) in a place near by my house.I have to say that, the teacher is the best maths teacher you could ever get.I was the only child in that class,and i used to get more attention from that mam alone.I started to do more extra problems, when ever i had doubt in any steps in a problem she used to explain it to me until i get what she is trying to tell.Slowly i started to understand what maths means and i started to score good marks which astonished few of my class mates.Doing lots of extra problems would help you understand the concept of each lessons,and if you don't have the bases i…

Why I love nature

To be honest I would say i love nature so much:-)It is a big secret that i kept hidden for a long time,still now i am keeping it safe down in my heart.As no one don't know who i am, i don't mind revealing it here.why i feel ashamed of saying it is because, i don't want anyone to treat me like a "strange person".loving nature is not a bad thing but when you are a class 11 student you have to maintain certain image in front of everyone or else you are dead.
when i feel stress, i go outside and relax which makes my mind calm and so serene.I think that is the only reason why i love nature.
bye for now:-)

True friends

Since childhood i had many best friends.or you can say that in each class i get a new best friend. i don't know why but i never got a chance to keep one.In my class 10th i finally met a few who i always wanted to be with.i think the main reason was that we all shared the same feeling about our new class.we actually never got a good time to spent with each other which caused to develop a wide gap between us.later in the 2nd term of the class 10 academic year,i have to say that we had actually got really attached to each other.we almost had a quite a large no. of people in our group.the time we spent together was always fun.
There was an incident in my social class which took place in the last days of my class 10th .our social teacher was a cute, chubby and a sweet mam who had to control the most studious as well as criminal students, who always play with the teacher in a friendly way.all the teachers knew that we 5 where best the portions where over, all the students in …

Steve Jobs

It is always good to honour people with dignity, value and most of all a good personality.
This is Steve jobs introducing the mac for the first time in January 1984.Good time for the crowd.
RIP Steve jobs.

Find the mistake

hai! its me phototeller again!!!i wanted to give something new to this here it is, there is some unusualness in some things in this photo.your task is to find what it is and do tell what you found in it.
Give it a try, its not so difficult:-)

by the way how does the photo look?

Hey, look who is out

do you remember the last time when i wrote about the worst climate in my place? well after that something unexpected happened. after the day i wrote about the continues rain, it has stopped to rain in my place:-0 i should have done that before, instead of just complaining about the rain to it is sunny in my place and i can go out anywhere without an umbrella in my hand. but what to do, i am a human being and beings don't get satisfied in what ever they get.right? so we are now praying to god to bring back the rain.isn't really funny about the people.what do you think??


i still remember that day, i spent almost half an hour behind this crow just to take one photo.i have to say that crows are really post it into the blog at least i have to get a full fig of the crow.this crow was hiding behind the branches and jumping all the way.also if i take my camera in my hand it will pretend to fly away.after dancing along with it for awhile i finally got photo of it. how does it look?

Ghost and Mayhem

look, i am very afraid of ghost, spirits or what you call it is scary. on the first few days when i was sleeping alone in my room many sounds haunted me and i used to cover myself under the blanket:-/ as few of my friends sleep alone in their room i too had to learn to sleep alone in my room. i am, comfortable sleeping alone. i am not afraid to watch any horror movie or haunted coming in discovery channel.but do you know what i am scared of for real.after i watch these movies or episodes, those scenes and sounds in the movie comes back to my head again and again and ruin my whole day. the day i watch any horror films or anything of that sort, i would be afraid to sit alone in any room with or without light.i know i sound silly but thats how i am.hey, this photo has nothing to do with the spirits or ghost.this is the photo from my grandmother's place.i took many photos of this places and black & white photo looked more better than the others.when i saw this photo in my pc after…


this is the view of the window of my study room.i have to say that, this is my most favorite place in my house.whether i am happy or not, this is the place i wanted to be. in this whole world,i guess this is the only place where you can be yourself and not pretend to be someone you know the funniest thing about my study room?of course no.let me tell you then,my room consist of things from a dot pen to huge electrical apps.,this list also include medicines, dresses,and even craft things for my school projects.and coming to the funniest part,if i am in need of something so urgently and without that i can't continue my work, if i search any thing at that time, even if i spent hours for it,i won't be able to find it. and later if i am searching for something else, i will find the thing i was searching before. i guess this has happened to at least a few. any way, i posted this photo only because this is my favorite place.

different look

i just wanted to give this photo a bit new look, so i edited it. i found it different from what i have done before, hope you find it the way this is the photo of a fast flowing river which is strictly restricted to not to go too near to it.ooh!

lost memories

This was the only fav plant in my garden. Whenever i get out of the house with my mobile in hand, i used to capture many photos of it.Now the plant is no more due to the "unfavorable conditions prevailing" in my state.As my pc was formatted i had lost all the photos of this plant and last day i found one pic in my bro's computer and thought of posting it here.As it was not a good image, i had to over do it. Hope you like it:-p

scenario of nature

this is the photo of a small waterfall in our place. as i have mentioned before i am into antique things. i tried to give it an antique look, don't know whether it has become a success or not???

sorry there has been some problem.pic will be uploaded within few days.


i take photos whenever i see something different and sometimes annoying. as i always carry my mobile with me,i take photos with the mobile camera.this is the pic of my bro's shoes left on the door steps when we were at our grandparents bro didn't allow me to post this but as i liked it i posted it here.i just tried to give it an antique look as i am really fascinated by those things.hope i could gave it an antique look.:-)


I edited this photo only because i was sleepy and didn't had any other better job to do.The main pic is overlapped with the orange plain background with 3 "crows" flying on top(did it with Microsoft paint).The original pic was blue in color and the edited one looked much better than the previous one so i just posted here.

this is a photo of a dry dead plant in my courtyard and just took the photo just becoz i had my mobile in my hand.
(just an experimental work,do comment).

A gate's restrictions

now this one is the pic of the gate in my house. again becoz of the continuous rain the gate starts to develop rust and some fungus or something of that sort.i don't actually remember to where but i took this when i was going out with my family for a day trip. check it out:-}

Late night study

late night study is not so cool as i thought it would be. this is the photo of me studing history just a bit difference that i am not in the pic:-(
anyways, i still remember me in the fade light studying history at nite.history had been the worst nitemare in my whole life. there has been no other subject so boring for me and studing that at nite makes it worse when there is history exam tomorrow. at 1 am in the morning as i was exhausted after studying a lot, i tried to entertain me by taking photos of my study table.and this is one of the photo i took of my study table.

through a fair window

As I have mentioned earlier, it is still raining for months now but I'm happy that there is no lightening which makes me crawl under the blanket:-) so thank you god.This pic is taken on Sunday at my house after a very heavy rain when I shut myself inside my house.

I think this is the only colourful pic in my blog..hahaha!!!!

once upon a tree

This is what you call the 'sufferings'. For 2 -3 months its been continuously raining in our place. In my childhood, I used to enjoy the rain at the most but as I grew up there has been a "drastic shift in my perceptions". Every day morning when I wake, I feel like not to go to school and so sleepy that I wish i could sleep in bed all day long.As the sun as shown itself out of the clouds after so many days,i thought of capturing a photo of the giant tree in my house under the sun light who had been suffering a lot in the wind during the most part of the tree you see in the pic is not existing as the wind has broken it down.

(Sorry I couldn't get the full portrait of the tree as their was lots of obstacles in between.)


Again after the many days, rain have come again with lots of laziness to me.When the sky was clear for 1 day,i jumped out of the house with the camera with my slippers on.Because of the heavy rain in my place many plants were grown inside the house compound which really annoys everyone in my family.while taking the photos i had to fight the killer mosquitoes which were so damn horrible and irritating:-{This was one of the photo i clicked as it really attracted me.wooden part you see is the stem of a coconut tree with some plants growing at its base. sorry i really don't know the exact name of these plant at the base which is a real shame to me as a bio student.