Ghost and Mayhem

look, i am very afraid of ghost, spirits or what you call it is scary. on the first few days when i was sleeping alone in my room many sounds haunted me and i used to cover myself under the blanket:-/ as few of my friends sleep alone in their room i too had to learn to sleep alone in my room. i am, comfortable sleeping alone. i am not afraid to watch any horror movie or haunted coming in discovery channel.but do you know what i am scared of for real.after i watch these movies or episodes, those scenes and sounds in the movie comes back to my head again and again and ruin my whole day. the day i watch any horror films or anything of that sort, i would be afraid to sit alone in any room with or without light.i know i sound silly but thats how i am.hey, this photo has nothing to do with the spirits or ghost.this is the photo from my grandmother's place.i took many photos of this places and black & white photo looked more better than the others.when i saw this photo in my pc after copying the first thing that came to my mind was about ghost.thats theonly reason why i wrote about it.


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