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Find the mistake

hai! its me phototeller again!!!i wanted to give something new to this here it is, there is some unusualness in some things in this photo.your task is to find what it is and do tell what you found in it.
Give it a try, its not so difficult:-)

by the way how does the photo look?

Hey, look who is out

do you remember the last time when i wrote about the worst climate in my place? well after that something unexpected happened. after the day i wrote about the continues rain, it has stopped to rain in my place:-0 i should have done that before, instead of just complaining about the rain to it is sunny in my place and i can go out anywhere without an umbrella in my hand. but what to do, i am a human being and beings don't get satisfied in what ever they get.right? so we are now praying to god to bring back the rain.isn't really funny about the people.what do you think??


i still remember that day, i spent almost half an hour behind this crow just to take one photo.i have to say that crows are really post it into the blog at least i have to get a full fig of the crow.this crow was hiding behind the branches and jumping all the way.also if i take my camera in my hand it will pretend to fly away.after dancing along with it for awhile i finally got photo of it. how does it look?

Ghost and Mayhem

look, i am very afraid of ghost, spirits or what you call it is scary. on the first few days when i was sleeping alone in my room many sounds haunted me and i used to cover myself under the blanket:-/ as few of my friends sleep alone in their room i too had to learn to sleep alone in my room. i am, comfortable sleeping alone. i am not afraid to watch any horror movie or haunted coming in discovery channel.but do you know what i am scared of for real.after i watch these movies or episodes, those scenes and sounds in the movie comes back to my head again and again and ruin my whole day. the day i watch any horror films or anything of that sort, i would be afraid to sit alone in any room with or without light.i know i sound silly but thats how i am.hey, this photo has nothing to do with the spirits or ghost.this is the photo from my grandmother's place.i took many photos of this places and black & white photo looked more better than the others.when i saw this photo in my pc after…


this is the view of the window of my study room.i have to say that, this is my most favorite place in my house.whether i am happy or not, this is the place i wanted to be. in this whole world,i guess this is the only place where you can be yourself and not pretend to be someone you know the funniest thing about my study room?of course no.let me tell you then,my room consist of things from a dot pen to huge electrical apps.,this list also include medicines, dresses,and even craft things for my school projects.and coming to the funniest part,if i am in need of something so urgently and without that i can't continue my work, if i search any thing at that time, even if i spent hours for it,i won't be able to find it. and later if i am searching for something else, i will find the thing i was searching before. i guess this has happened to at least a few. any way, i posted this photo only because this is my favorite place.

different look

i just wanted to give this photo a bit new look, so i edited it. i found it different from what i have done before, hope you find it the way this is the photo of a fast flowing river which is strictly restricted to not to go too near to it.ooh!

lost memories

This was the only fav plant in my garden. Whenever i get out of the house with my mobile in hand, i used to capture many photos of it.Now the plant is no more due to the "unfavorable conditions prevailing" in my state.As my pc was formatted i had lost all the photos of this plant and last day i found one pic in my bro's computer and thought of posting it here.As it was not a good image, i had to over do it. Hope you like it:-p

scenario of nature

this is the photo of a small waterfall in our place. as i have mentioned before i am into antique things. i tried to give it an antique look, don't know whether it has become a success or not???

sorry there has been some problem.pic will be uploaded within few days.


i take photos whenever i see something different and sometimes annoying. as i always carry my mobile with me,i take photos with the mobile camera.this is the pic of my bro's shoes left on the door steps when we were at our grandparents bro didn't allow me to post this but as i liked it i posted it here.i just tried to give it an antique look as i am really fascinated by those things.hope i could gave it an antique look.:-)


I edited this photo only because i was sleepy and didn't had any other better job to do.The main pic is overlapped with the orange plain background with 3 "crows" flying on top(did it with Microsoft paint).The original pic was blue in color and the edited one looked much better than the previous one so i just posted here.

this is a photo of a dry dead plant in my courtyard and just took the photo just becoz i had my mobile in my hand.
(just an experimental work,do comment).

A gate's restrictions

now this one is the pic of the gate in my house. again becoz of the continuous rain the gate starts to develop rust and some fungus or something of that sort.i don't actually remember to where but i took this when i was going out with my family for a day trip. check it out:-}

Late night study

late night study is not so cool as i thought it would be. this is the photo of me studing history just a bit difference that i am not in the pic:-(
anyways, i still remember me in the fade light studying history at nite.history had been the worst nitemare in my whole life. there has been no other subject so boring for me and studing that at nite makes it worse when there is history exam tomorrow. at 1 am in the morning as i was exhausted after studying a lot, i tried to entertain me by taking photos of my study table.and this is one of the photo i took of my study table.

through a fair window

As I have mentioned earlier, it is still raining for months now but I'm happy that there is no lightening which makes me crawl under the blanket:-) so thank you god.This pic is taken on Sunday at my house after a very heavy rain when I shut myself inside my house.

I think this is the only colourful pic in my blog..hahaha!!!!

once upon a tree

This is what you call the 'sufferings'. For 2 -3 months its been continuously raining in our place. In my childhood, I used to enjoy the rain at the most but as I grew up there has been a "drastic shift in my perceptions". Every day morning when I wake, I feel like not to go to school and so sleepy that I wish i could sleep in bed all day long.As the sun as shown itself out of the clouds after so many days,i thought of capturing a photo of the giant tree in my house under the sun light who had been suffering a lot in the wind during the most part of the tree you see in the pic is not existing as the wind has broken it down.

(Sorry I couldn't get the full portrait of the tree as their was lots of obstacles in between.)


Again after the many days, rain have come again with lots of laziness to me.When the sky was clear for 1 day,i jumped out of the house with the camera with my slippers on.Because of the heavy rain in my place many plants were grown inside the house compound which really annoys everyone in my family.while taking the photos i had to fight the killer mosquitoes which were so damn horrible and irritating:-{This was one of the photo i clicked as it really attracted me.wooden part you see is the stem of a coconut tree with some plants growing at its base. sorry i really don't know the exact name of these plant at the base which is a real shame to me as a bio student.