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Dreams and Expectations

From the day we are born in our mothers womb, our parents starts to buildup expectations on us.It doesn't end, it grows bigger and bigger as we grow up.The day we join a school or an institution teachers starts to develop expectations.The day we see our grandparents, they expect something from us. When we join  a company or an office, our seniors starts to expect things.When we build a family of our own, our kids and spouse starts to develop expectations. Aren't these expectations bit overwhelming.Yes of course it is, otherwise the world wouldn't have witnessed so many suicidal attempts.Is suicide a solution for everything.don't think so.Suicides attempts are for cowards, for those who are not ready to face challenges in their life.Suicide is not an answer for the ultimate.When ever you feel depressed about money, future, family or relationship, just think about those who are suffering in their dreadful life, yet striving to come forward in life. Aren't our …


I came to know about this disease only after seeing a regional movie like 5 or 10yrs before. After that movie was released, Alzheimer's disease  became a huge talk in the town. When some forget to get something or if we don't answer any question in the class, they straight away ask whether you have Alzheimer to forget things so fast.It was all just a "word" for us back then. Keen on knowing what Alzheimer is, made me difficult to say what it really is. Knowing that currently there  is no cure for it,  has worsen my fright.

Alzheimer's was first named as 'disease of forgetfulness'  as simple. The seriousness of the case is even more worsen than death. Living your life without even knowing who you are, although your entire family is standing in front of you    you don't recognize a single member in them, you starts forgetting how to communicate, you need someones help to do your daily routine.It is hard  to imagine living such a life, then how could yo…