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Every blog i start with apologizing about my procrastination. damn, it's never going to leave me. even if i try harder. my friends say i am lazy to do the small stuffs. Getting a printout of a mail, cleaning the chips cover, going to my friends room, getting sign for the work already done years before etc always are hard for me to complete. when i think about it, its damn true. i find it hard to post a blog which i have already written. as the days passes by, and come across the same blog that i have written earlier. i find it BULLSHIT. the things i wrote with amusement and anxiety are worn out to craps that my brain build up while writing the blog. i never post it. i delete it.

i hope i post this one without giving a chance to rethinking about whether to post it or not. i always wonder how i get so many views. i even checked with my brother about the same. he said it's because of Ur peculiar style of writing. Now that's again a bullshit. he is family. even if i draw like…