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Sed non bene

I don't speak latin nor  do I belong to ancient Roman empire, but learning biology for  few years has definitely created some impact on me.Learning all these biological names has, to be honest made me hate latin. But now I am not here to tell how much I hate latin, but to wish all those people reading or following this blog a very Sed non bene.

This year has been very hectic and kept me busy all year long, and to make things worse,I couldn't achieve anything from anything I did. This is not me telling my sob stories and getting sympathies from strangers, rather I feel ashamed for all those miseries happened to me and feel bad since I disappointed many people.

Christmas is about happiness, remembering the birth of christ who sacrificed himselves for humanities sin. So forget all those bad fate and go on with your life.And enjoy the christmas and forget all the past and plan everything beforehand.

By the way this is the photo from a day in my life.(To be exact after a very a lo…

Monsoon raining in kerala

After 2008 its for the first time, Kerala has received this much rain. It is said that we have received more than 40% rain that we have ever received in the last few years. The raining had caused many hazards, spreading of many viral diseases, road block, many of the families has to evacuated their home, many people are dead and  gone missing, the dams are over filled which has increased the threat of people, landslide, homes are damaged and flood.
Here are few photos from Google images of the heavy raining in Kerala.

Credits: this image has been shamelessly copied from Google images. So if the owner wants me to remove the image pls send me an email.

This should be useful

This is for those who find physics hard. I know physics is something hard to learn because if we need to know something we always need to know something else. But if you try  to get to know what trouble you had been facing while solving a problem, you would actually realize that physics have been easy and fun to learn. With physics its always the basic concepts that you always trouble with and misses while solving a problem. So few days earlier i found this site which is very interactive with animations and images and the explanations are so clear that anyone would follow them.
So pls do visit this site.It would be surely help you, since it had helped me a lot.

Credits: this image has been shamelessly copied from Google images. So if the owner wants me to remove the image pls send me an email.


Its been like a year or so I actually felt like writing on blog. I don't know what made me write it today but i definitely know why i didn't do it earlier these days.
I think i am starting to learn what life really is.I know that some of you might be a bit confused about what i am actually talking about , but i am damn sure that many of you might have gone through the same.
18 years of my life seems to be so easy and trouble free, which i thought was tough in those days. I got whatever i needed, school was the easiest part of the most of the trouble that i have ever got into, and family, the place where i always shout at'.
After completing my 12th i had no idea things would be different and hard. When i look at my brother, i always think that life has been so easy for him from the beginning and so would be mine. He has got what ever he wanted, a great college, no burden to the family about his college fee, and what ever i look at was perfect with him. i never knew about t…

A very late new year wishes

Hi everyone, a very well happy new year wishes to all of you.I know its been late, but i have a reason to cover it up.I am having my model exams in my school and i just got a lil busy with it.
My new year started with a very dramatic beginning. We used to go to club every new year night and we have people from my fathers company, and there will be few programmes conducted by their children of different ages, which sometimes are so hilarious. But every time i alone used to accompany my father and i end up getting bore for more than 3hrs. So this time i told my father before hand that i wouldn't go with him. And i started fighting with my father so that i can sit at home and get bored. To my surprise that night my brother and my mother started getting ready to go to the club, I suddenly jumped up from my bed and got dressed very quickly that i didn't wanted to sit home alone.
With lots and lots of regret i got into the car, thinking how bored i would get. But later i cheered mys…