Sed non bene

I don't speak latin nor  do I belong to ancient Roman empire, but learning biology for  few years has definitely created some impact on me.Learning all these biological names has, to be honest made me hate latin. But now I am not here to tell how much I hate latin, but to wish all those people reading or following this blog a very Sed non bene.

This year has been very hectic and kept me busy all year long, and to make things worse,I couldn't achieve anything from anything I did. This is not me telling my sob stories and getting sympathies from strangers, rather I feel ashamed for all those miseries happened to me and feel bad since I disappointed many people.

Christmas is about happiness, remembering the birth of christ who sacrificed himselves for humanities sin. So forget all those bad fate and go on with your life.And enjoy the christmas and forget all the past and plan everything beforehand.

By the way this is the photo from a day in my life.(To be exact after a very a long time from schooldays with my friends).


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