catastrophic journey

 Last few days I have been travelling a lot. Had a lots of good and very bad experiences.
When you go to some places it is very hard to figure out where exactly you have ended up. You know, english doesn't come very handy when you go to rural areas. The funniest thing that I have noticed is that, when you ask some students about a way out off the local roads they don't seem to understand very well, but if you ask the same to rickshaw walas they manages to help us some how. I dont know whats the logic behind this. maybe its because of their job, i mean they gets to meet many people from different areas with different culture and languages daily.
We literally got trapped at some transport bus stand. That was a really huge bus stand and the rush over there was unimaginable.There were flyovers going from everywhere and each flyover leads you to different terminal. Buses had bus no.s along with the place name written in their colloquial language.What the hell, how would we know there language, how would we know about the bus nos., and even if we know which bus no., to which terminal we need to reach and to which flyover we need to get on. Majority where the locals and trust me i don't think they itself know about the terminals because  these people where going everywhere like they had no clue about what's happening. We were in middle of no where and GPS also didn't had any use. We asked many people, to which terminal we need to get to so that we reach this particular place. Each time we reach a particular terminal they drive us to another terminal. The enquiry department was so busy in something, that they didn't understand us nor did they try to understand us. We spend almost an hour or so in that bus stop and an old person came to us and helped us to get to our bus.I still remember his face.
To all the places i have went via bus trust me, it was all miserable. Once you get out of that misery, then we can enjoy thinking about how you manage to get out, otherwise it would be terrible.
Everyone should learn something out of their mistakes right, so did i. I stopped travelling via bus and now we are travelling in our own car. Atleast you don't have to stand in the middle of nowhere of the bus stop, this time i could just turn on the GPS if i get doubt about the routes.

Here are few photos that i took while travelling in my mobile camera.


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