Saturday, May 17, 2014

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Ganesh's Birthday Celebration - Indian Ocean With Simon Reeve - BBC

From a decade of experiences being in India, i honestly thought India has lost its image worldwide in the name of corruption. I started to hate India and the Indian people. But today after the declaration of 16th parliament election result, I am very much elated in knowing that people have opened their mind to accept new ideas and perceptions. I understood from the election results that the people here in India wanted the change atlast, thanks to AAP to make people realize what they want.  Now I am in love with India and hoping to see the good changes to come across india like the changes made in Gujarat by Modi sarkar(BJP).
Congrats Modi for your efforts.
I am not a politician, but like any other citizen of a country i like politics.
Here is the video of Ganesh puja in mumbai. India is a great country with rich traditions and cultural heritage, whether it be Hindu,
Muslim or Christian everyone becomes a part of everyones
 rituals ,celebrations and festivals. Just watch the report from BBC and feel it and do visit India.

Credits: this video has been shamelessly copied from BBC youtube channel. So if the owner wants me to remove the above video pls send me an email.

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