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I am a travel freak. If u ask me how many places I have visited.Trust me, it's not that many.  And if u ask me why. The reasons are plenty. Wrong group, shitty dramas, wrong timings, shortage of money, stupid rules, permissions what not. Traveling for me is not just wearing dresses and making jokes with friends and boasting about the travel with everyone you meet. Nah that's just not me. Traveling for me it's about the feel, the adventure, the road, the excitement, the food, the people, the essence,  and things that can't be described in words. My brother tells me every time when I talk or plan a trip, once I get married I can go with him. I can't believe that he doesn't know me. And I don't know to explain him how I love to travel and how to enjoy that feel. I want to enjoy that alone and not with someone. I want that to be felt and not shared.

I have gone trips with my best friend. When I think about it, I feel I never enjoyed it. There is always dramas,…