13 reasons why

Okay, here we are again talking about my boring and eventful past one month. Yup told ya part two is coming up...

Theory exams got over finally and it was my day to rest. Man, that day I took my mobile without feeling guilty. My phone broke that day, so I got my lappy ready to watch a movie... This was after dining out with my friends. I was having a severe headache from not having food and sleep for the last couple of days, but I sat on my bed to watch a movie. I was so determined.One whole month was just books, food and sleep. So yeah, I was ready to watch the movie. The first day, the day my exams got over, I just watched few new Malayalam movies on youtube. Some of them were okay, but I know I was ready for some bigger shit..sorry for my language. So I shut my youtube and went to watch movies online.

Few days before, when I was getting ready to start studying I remembered asking bro something good to watch. He said few stuffs for me to watch. I couldn't watch that day. But I …

I made a monkey yawn at me..

Okay this blog post is going to have two don't get bored too quickly and get ready to read my last one-month boring yet eventful life....

After typing the word eventful....I thought it wasn't the word I was looking for.. but u know, my vocabulary is not my strong suit. I left that word and thought would just cont. with the post..... so yeah this happened a couple of weeks back...I thought I would enter this to my blog because this was the first time I put a great deep thought into who I am and was and who I am going to be...

I have a roommate who is addicted to talking on the phone...not kidding.. she is so addicted...she talks loud and long....sometimes gets on my nerve....but she is my 3rd roommate and u know what, she doesn't indulge in my personal life. I am more than happy about that...She is kinda old. Maybe 8yrs older than me and my senior (PG) I always thought it's inappropriate to ask a grown married women to keep her mouth shut when I…

new year new year new year

I am a travel freak. If u ask me how many places I have visited.Trust me, it's not that many.  And if u ask me why. The reasons are plenty. Wrong group, shitty dramas, wrong timings, shortage of money, stupid rules, permissions what not. Traveling for me is not just wearing dresses and making jokes with friends and boasting about the travel with everyone you meet. Nah that's just not me. Traveling for me it's about the feel, the adventure, the road, the excitement, the food, the people, the essence,  and things that can't be described in words. My brother tells me every time when I talk or plan a trip, once I get married I can go with him. I can't believe that he doesn't know me. And I don't know to explain him how I love to travel and how to enjoy that feel. I want to enjoy that alone and not with someone. I want that to be felt and not shared.

I have gone trips with my best friend. When I think about it, I feel I never enjoyed it. There is always dramas,…

I am happy, if you are happy

I was posted in prostho dept. for one and half months. For our un -luck it was the month of festivals.  Each clinical batch has 12 members. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am the last member of our batchI i always get the case last. as it was a festival season, none of the members got either CD or TPD case. we were so unfortunate. in the second half of the month, the first member got patient. i saw all the cases. even though, i got no patient i attended posting everyday. i helped all my friends. got inspired by two interns who were so dedicated in their work. saw them helping all my friends and i learned work from them. going everyday to college to attend posting was never boring, because i could watch my friends going wrong in each steps. this way i learned, how to go wrong in each steps and  how to avoid the days passed by, i still got no patient. As a joke i asked my prof, if i would get a patient. and he asked me to be optimistic and hope to get one before posting get done.,…


Every blog i start with apologizing about my procrastination. damn, it's never going to leave me. even if i try harder. my friends say i am lazy to do the small stuffs. Getting a printout of a mail, cleaning the chips cover, going to my friends room, getting sign for the work already done years before etc always are hard for me to complete. when i think about it, its damn true. i find it hard to post a blog which i have already written. as the days passes by, and come across the same blog that i have written earlier. i find it BULLSHIT. the things i wrote with amusement and anxiety are worn out to craps that my brain build up while writing the blog. i never post it. i delete it.

i hope i post this one without giving a chance to rethinking about whether to post it or not. i always wonder how i get so many views. i even checked with my brother about the same. he said it's because of Ur peculiar style of writing. Now that's again a bullshit. he is family. even if i draw like…

When waste basket becomes a treasure

I heard the most amusing story of the lifetime from my brother. I didn't  knew how to respond when he said this to me.

My brother bought a PS2, I am guessing one year back. He bought a second-hand one since he just got a new job and belonging to a country like India playing video games for more than half an hour will be a  crime. Upsetting Indian parents are so easy in my opinion. Playing games for few hours, sitting ideally on the sofa in the evenings, chatting on the phone for half an hour or less, even not taking a bath in the early morning can upset Indian parents.  So we didn't know how exactly we were gonna use it.

He bought it while I was away from home with his friend. So when he came back I realised, he didn't bring two joysticks. So we had to play it separately. It was a huge loss.But as I already guessed, we used it to the least.

Few days back, bro asked me if I could play with him fifa14. I was like, yeah why not but we don't have two joysticks. He said ye…

Carrot Halwa

One of my goal for this vacation is to learn cooking and eat a lot. Yesterday was one of that day to achieve my goal. I cooked carrot halwa. I didn't take any help from my mom except asking her to find cardamom powder and wash plate. It took me around one hour or more to cook the dessert. It wasn't a flop, everyone enjoyed every bit of it. Even I liked the taste.

I prepared this in the evening so lighting wasn't good, hence I used candy camera to take the photo. If you liked how it looks, scroll down to see for the recipe. Keep in mind- I am not a professional cook nor do I cook daily. These are my experiments so you can make slight adjustments as you wish.
Carrot (I prepared for 4) Ghee 1-2 tablespoon Milk Sugar  Cardamom powder Raisin  Cashew

Heat the nonstick pan and add ghee to it. As the ghee get heated add grated carrot to it.  Mix it well. keep the flame in medium and cook for 20 -25 mins.  Stir intermittently.  Then put the flame to high fo…