Friday, June 23, 2017

13 reasons why

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Okay, here we are again talking about my boring and eventful past one month. Yup told ya part two is coming up...

Theory exams got over finally and it was my day to rest. Man, that day I took my mobile without feeling guilty. My phone broke that day, so I got my lappy ready to watch a movie... This was after dining out with my friends. I was having a severe headache from not having food and sleep for the last couple of days, but I sat on my bed to watch a movie. I was so determined.One whole month was just books, food and sleep. So yeah, I was ready to watch the movie. The first day, the day my exams got over, I just watched few new Malayalam movies on youtube. Some of them were okay, but I know I was ready for some bigger shit..sorry for my language. So I shut my youtube and went to watch movies online.

Few days before, when I was getting ready to start studying I remembered asking bro something good to watch. He said few stuffs for me to watch. I couldn't watch that day. But I remember searching them on google. So instead of asking my brother again, I went through my history...Five minutes of search, helped me find this particular series. 13 REASONS WHY

I found it online and started watching it. It just took 2 and a half day to watch the whole series. I was alone in my room these days. My roommate left for Australia few days before the commencement of my exam.

Each episode made me upset, more and more. I called my brother and talked about the series. Continued watching the series. I don't know if u have seen this,(spoilers alert) remember this guy taking her photo in front of her porch. Yeah, watched this scene at 3 am in the morning. Ask me how it was..... Horrible. Remember she getting afraid to sleep. Her heart pounding. She goes under the blanket yet scared to close her eyes. Yeah, I watched it at night alone in my hostel room. That wasn't a great pleasure at all. I shut my lappy and kept on my table. and I slide under the blanket.Trust me man couldn't shut my eyes.I don't remember falling asleep, but I remember waking up every one hour seeing a guy standing in front of me. That was a horrible night.

This was the most horrible series ever I watched after THE KILLING series. We don't see much bullying going around in Indian schools, well at least in Kerala schools, yet some can be a nasty bitch. But never seen anything happening like these here. Maybe it's bcoz I am not aware of any.

The best thing about this series is that they didn't make the protagonist perfect. She made mistakes herself. She made wrong choices. She hurt others too.

The scariest scenes were the raping scenes. I was shocked seeing them. I hate the part were Hannah kept quite seeing her friend raped. I hate when she attend the party even after knowing it's his party and got herself on his list.

The most depressing scene is when she tries to give life another chance yet nothing changes. Man, I hate that guy who asked her to move on with her life. I hate the scene where see cut her wrist. Her mom seeing this. Calling for her. How much I regret watching it.

The part where I knew people can be a real bitch. The gay girl, Marcus, Bryce, Tyler, Mr. Potter. I know people like these exist. Studying in college full of people from around the world. Yes, I know people can be real assholes.

Watching the series I doubt why Zach, Dylan, Sheri has their name on the list. I thought it was silly on her part to blame them. But I understood why when she said: " Some of you cared, but none of you cared enough". I understood, how we hurt people without even realizing a bit.

I read few articles telling these series shouldn't be watched. But I say no. It has to be seen by many. I never knew whatever you say or do can be really hurtful to some without even us realizing it.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I made a monkey yawn at me..

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Okay this blog post is going to have two don't get bored too quickly and get ready to read my last one-month boring yet eventful life....

After typing the word eventful....I thought it wasn't the word I was looking for.. but u know, my vocabulary is not my strong suit. I left that word and thought would just cont. with the post..... so yeah this happened a couple of weeks back...I thought I would enter this to my blog because this was the first time I put a great deep thought into who I am and was and who I am going to be...

I have a roommate who is addicted to talking on the phone...not kidding.. she is so addicted...she talks loud and long....sometimes gets on my nerve....but she is my 3rd roommate and u know what, she doesn't indulge in my personal life. I am more than happy about that...She is kinda old. Maybe 8yrs older than me and my senior (PG) I always thought it's inappropriate to ask a grown married women to keep her mouth shut when I have a university exam coming in next few weeks... I mean she is supposed to understand that...isn't it something one has to do it on their own.....

Anyways I am here not to talk about her.. I am here to talk about what made me think about-myself.

You know what I always thought I was God fearing, taking everything way too easy, cranky at times, hurtful sometimes sorta girl..I thought if something bad comes up I might run..I always imagine what to do when some crises come up...don't get me wrong. I do imagine..earthquake, fire in the building, people chasing me.....yeah I always thought I would be the escaping such situation easily...I may cry for help....maybe I will shout .... maybe I will rescue someone...I may make the world the better place...haha .. Imaginations always favours me, making me a super yeah let's start with the story. It may be super funny....sit tight

Because of my roommate,  I always prefer the stairways to the terrace during my externals.....I sit on the stair which does not open to the terrace.It had a dead end... I always wonder why they build two stairs if one doesn't open to the terrace they could have just not built that...Those stairs are always neat so prefer them. Anyways while sitting there I see many of my seniors, juniors, batchmates everyone going up and down all the time...

That was my unlucky day.... usually when someone passes by I look up to see their face. Everytime it's a new face but trust me, man, everyone makes the cranky footstep noise loud and clear...This particular day I choose to ignore the footstep sounds and be more attentive to my reading. Worst decision ever..dude you need to know what's happening around you. Otherwise, this will happen.

I was successfully ignoring every footstep passing by me that day...Though I can hear them opening the doors to terrace every time....I think it was afternoon. When these guys opened the doors and started walking towards me, again I was successful in ignoring them. This time was different..after the squeaky door noise, it didn't follow by the annoying chapels sounds. That made me wondering. I turned back to see nothing but a stupid monkey family. First, it was just two of them the mother with a hanging baby on her belly and a huge dad whose limbs could be barely seen under his huge fatty trunk.

Told ya it's funny yet silly. Made a huge deal for me because I am even scared of a friendly pup..I stood there, didn't know what to do. It was few steps away from me so didn't give me time to climb downstairs. The huge mistake I did was I tried to shoo them away. I just gained their attention by shoo-ing and made the two stop right in front of me...They would have just walked away, won't even see me. But the stupid me stopped them.The dad turns and gave me a look. I got the point he made right away. Crystal clear, thanks dad. I stopped shoo-ing and just stood there.  My legs were shivering. I could feel them both hitting each other. I was just stuck there. Nowhere to run. More monkeys came inside through the door. The youngest among them was so enthusiastic. The way he ran towards me made me want to shit in my trousers. I just stood there looking at them didn't make a move to provoke them. I calmed myself. I didn't cry, shout or call out for help, just stood there. Me and 5 monkeys in the stairs. Just four steps away from eachother. I even saw the youngest one yawning at me.Am I that boring.. A monkey yawned at me. I saw his cute little teeth. Thank goodness he was least interested me.

 I even thought wat to do when they try to attack me. But I knew I was helpless here if they attacked me. It's five against one. And they all are gymnastics. I can barely run.So yeah I just stood there without making a move without gaining their attention. The females, as usual, was ready to feed the young ones, they left me after 1 or two minutes. They were aiming for the waste basket. They tripped the basket, thankfully gaining the attention of the little ones and the huge fat angry dad. The moment they got down the stairs I knew it was my queue to get down. If I wait for even one second. Maybe they will come back again, I will be held hostage. I ain't wasting any time. I ran. I have a friends room nearby. I just ran into the room and just shut myself there.

I heard many screaming from the doorways from the kids sitting in the corridors..after half an hour or so.I
left for my room. I did a reality check. I gave deep thoughts on what happened and what I did to save myself. I understood I didn't cry, shout call for help nor did help anyone. I was totally the opposite of what I thought I was. That reality check gave me shitty feeling. I am not the one who I thought I was. I am a totally different person. I realised I don't know who I am. Well, thats pity. That small incident didn't make me call for help. It made me feel so disturbed. What if something serious comes up and I kept my mouth shut. I understood where all I went wrong. Some part tells me I am courageous to stand on my legs and face the situation. And another part of me, make me think I went wrong in the part I didn't call for help. In this situation calling for help might not make much difference but what if this wasn't the scenario.

Anyway, this is the reality check I had from a small encounter with the monkeys.
 Well, that made me think a lot about myself. Well, everything happens for a reason.
 That's it. Cya. Part 2 is coming up...

Credits: this image has been shamelessly copied from Google images etc. So if the owner wants me to remove the above image pls notify me with an email.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

new year new year new year

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I am a travel freak. If u ask me how many places I have visited.Trust me, it's not that many.  And if u ask me why. The reasons are plenty. Wrong group, shitty dramas, wrong timings, shortage of money, stupid rules, permissions what not. Traveling for me is not just wearing dresses and making jokes with friends and boasting about the travel with everyone you meet. Nah that's just not me. Traveling for me it's about the feel, the adventure, the road, the excitement, the food, the people, the essence,  and things that can't be described in words. My brother tells me every time when I talk or plan a trip, once I get married I can go with him. I can't believe that he doesn't know me. And I don't know to explain him how I love to travel and how to enjoy that feel. I want to enjoy that alone and not with someone. I want that to be felt and not shared.

I have gone trips with my best friend. When I think about it, I feel I never enjoyed it. There is always dramas, talks about what others feel about our trips, the couple who always fight, the mood swing one, a girl who is so melodramatic, the one who tries to be left alone, the one who doesn't take eyes off from the phone. Dude come on, we came for a fucking trip. It's not for the time to fight, be dramatic, be cautious, be cool or be on phone. That is not an ideal trip for me.

"If you wanna be happy, be with the happy person". As said in the malayalam movie - neelakasham pachakadal chuvannabhumi. If you wanna enjoy a trip you need to be with people who knows to enjoy too. I have been planning trips with my best buddies quite a long time. For one reason or the other, it gets canceled. Thank goodness it did. Me and my clinical batchmates were talking how monotonous and boring our lives are. Suddenly a day we planned to make a trip. The location was a huge problem. And we ended up deciding Gokarna. The best decision ever made. We are a group of 8. 3 guys and 5 gals. 1 from Delhi, 1 from Rajasthan, 1 from Malaysia, and 5 from Kerala. We made an awesome gang of 8. All knew to enjoy.

Gokarna..i don't know to explain. If there is heaven on earth, it is this. The beach is always awake. we walked on the beach at night. We bearly could see each other. We played like 5-year-old kids. Best time I ever had in a long time. The beach looks beautiful at night. The bright colorful lights in the hut like restaurants surrounding the beach, makes it looks more majestic. We all sat there on the beach and enjoyed this magnificent moment. That was a moment that would never return to my life. We went to half moon beach from Om beach with the help of a boat. It cost around 300 per head. We saw the dolphins on the way to half moon beach. They threw us in middle of the sea, of course with a life jacket. That was " Zindagi Na mileage Dobara" for me. I don't know swimming and I get scared just by looking into the water. But that moment I forgot to get scared and enjoyed the moment. We all floated on the water. It was so relaxing and peaceful. We did a small trekking. We played football. We ate food from Italian to Mexican, to Tibetan, to Israeli to what not. We didn't knew how to pronounce any of its names. We were pointing it out to the waiter. That life on the beach was an unforgettable experience for each of us. We just carried one phone in the case of any emergencies and to take photos. We almost forgot to take the photos because we were captured in the moment.

A week after we went for another trip to Wonderla. It's an amusement park. It was a different experience from Gokarna. It was adventures. We went to all the land and water rides.We were like crazy people. We were running from one to another ride to not waste time. And we were talking damn too loud. We were describing and evaluating and scoring each ride.We always forgot the fact that we were talking in English that too so loud. People were smiling seeing our excitement. The two members who were so scared to get into the land rides, got into the land rides with us and got out of the fear. They had the guts to enter the rides with us. So no one was left out anywhere.

The New year was best for me. I got to spend new year with my family. And then got to go an amazing trip with amazing people. Hoping this year going to be filled with happiness, fun, and usefulness.

Evening at the beach.We forgot to take the photo of the sunset. OopsšŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜…

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I am happy, if you are happy

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I was posted in prostho dept. for one and half months. For our un -luck it was the month of festivals.  Each clinical batch has 12 members. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am the last member of our batchI i always get the case last. as it was a festival season, none of the members got either CD or TPD case. we were so unfortunate. in the second half of the month, the first member got patient. i saw all the cases. even though, i got no patient i attended posting everyday. i helped all my friends. got inspired by two interns who were so dedicated in their work. saw them helping all my friends and i learned work from them. going everyday to college to attend posting was never boring, because i could watch my friends going wrong in each steps. this way i learned, how to go wrong in each steps and  how to avoid the days passed by, i still got no patient. As a joke i asked my prof, if i would get a patient. and he asked me to be optimistic and hope to get one before posting get done.,.. me being optimistic made no change to the situations. i was still roaming around the clinic and helping my friends make impression, border molding, jaw relation etc. finally we got few holidays. we all went home. i bunked one whole day. but me being optimistic drove all the way back to college three days before my friends came in hoping to get a patient.

yup that was my day, I laid eyes on my first CD patient. it was a she. taking the case history I knew, she was going to be difficult. I was going to deliver her 5th denture, she has good ridge and she is just 50yrs old and was so concerned about aesthetics.she came on Friday evening at 16:15. I just took her phone number and asked her to come on Monday to start the procedures as it was too late. Monday was the last week of our posting. I have to recall patient for 5 times according to the procedure.I need at least two weeks to complete both clinical and lab work. I agreed to take the case and that was the end of my life. taking primary impression was a piece of cake. took less than an hour. It was a huge deal since it's our first case. all my friends patient's impression was either by profs or the two interns whomIi mentioned before.  it took two seating to complete the border was a huge loss. but i am glad that profs let me do it. they always encouraged me. when I am done with each step, they say its good work. i have seen my profs helping my friends do their clinical work. and the lab technicians helps them with their lab work. they ends up doing nothing. i am grateful to my profs who trusted me with my patient and let me do my work even though i was damn slow. i have been making ideal occlusal rims in second year. Height of the occlusal rims were high(diff at diff location).  Having made an occlusal rim that huge, made it difficult for me to reduce the height during jaw relation. i tried for first few hours. then interns tried to help me. we didn't get jaw relation. i was devastated. i finally called my in charge prof at 16:15. it took her less than 15mins to complete the jaw relation. i was astonished. i stared at her and smiled like an idiot. she laughed seeing my expression. man that was the moment of truth. the jaw relation which we were trying to do for more than 2 hours is done. there was no occlusal rims, only temporary denture. it was a complicated case for a third year student who has done no CD case before. Then try - in was done with teeth arrangement in the next seating.

Then the permanent denture was made. it was the day for final insertion. i was scared to death. i needed to worry about so many thing. its retention, its aesthetics, patient acceptance etc...the day i tried it on her, she had way too many complaints. she complaint about her denture color, the labial fullness, and she could see way too much denture rather than teeth. I was devastated. my first CD patient didnt like her denture. profs asked me to sent the patient, and rather than her opinion asked me tell her to ask her family about the new denture.i left the patient with 24hr recall statement. All these works are done in extra hours since my protho postings were done. we are in PHD dept. they sent us to library and the first half hour we were discussing on our CD and TPD patients. We were sharing the story about how unsatified our patients were about our hard work. patients complaint about tiniest of our mistake.or they make up problems which cannot be understood. MAN!!!!!our life is a tragedy.

the next day when i was attending OP practical class,damn!!! i got call from my patient. my heart skipped a beat. soon after the class got over, i ran to prostho dept. i didnt see my patient and i waited for her. she came in with a huge smile on her face telling her family loved her new denture. she asked me to trim the denture here and there because of the sharpness of the denture. now she had no complain with the denture color, denture exposure etc. i corrected all the falls concept on the denture. the color of the denture suited her skin color, labial fullnes is normal to an extend, and when we give a denture, the upper teeth should have more exposure than lower teeth. Her previous denture exposed her lower teeth rather than upper teeth. it felt like she had no upper teeth. and taught her how to remove a denture.

she loved her new denture and she said it looks real.. All my hard work payed off with the repeated thanks that she was saying to me. also she gave me treat from dominos. That gave me a huge boast to work hard. I am so glad that my profs didnt help me as they did with other students, and allowed to do my work in slow pace.I can't forget how cooperative she was while doing all the clinical procedure and came to the hospital whenever I called her even though she was from far.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


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Every blog i start with apologizing about my procrastination. damn, it's never going to leave me. even if i try harder. my friends say i am lazy to do the small stuffs. Getting a printout of a mail, cleaning the chips cover, going to my friends room, getting sign for the work already done years before etc always are hard for me to complete. when i think about it, its damn true. i find it hard to post a blog which i have already written. as the days passes by, and come across the same blog that i have written earlier. i find it BULLSHIT. the things i wrote with amusement and anxiety are worn out to craps that my brain build up while writing the blog. i never post it. i delete it.

i hope i post this one without giving a chance to rethinking about whether to post it or not. i always wonder how i get so many views. i even checked with my brother about the same. he said it's because of Ur peculiar style of writing. Now that's again a bullshit. he is family. even if i draw like a one year old, he would say its masterpiece. that's What family is for. that's statement reminded me of SUE from THE MIDDLE. lol

i don't know, how many of u knows that i am  a dental student. i am a dental student studying in one one the well known college in India and abroad. i am proud of saying that because i always felt, i at least deserves to study in a good one. i am a third year undergraduate student. its my third month in clinics. i am loving it. my conservative and endodontics, and prosthodontics posting are done. although i had my ups and downs, i am thoroughly enjoying What i am doing. everyday is a new experience. i meet new people. had a very bad time with people with odontophobia. language is a huge barrier. i can't even tell the patients that everything is going smooth and u don't need to worry about anything. prosthodontics made me fall in love with the professors. i recently had to do a jaw relation for my patients complete denture. i didn't get, then the interns came into rescue. they didn't get. and the last 15mins prof came into action. done in less than 10 mins. i was staring at her feeling amused by her hand work. i hope i one day becomes like her and many other profs.

it's my third year away from my home. it's a roller coaster experience. the people i thought i would hate their company is now my friends. the people i thought would be my good friends are not even close to being friends. we bought a new home , well my dad did. Removed my ugly braces. learned to control my anger. i am a master in that now. i learned to tolerate my noisy roommate. i learned to handle screaming profs(now we are in understanding terms and are good friends). learned to forget the grudge. learned to talk less with people who gives a shit about you( it's working very well, now they misses me.good luck with that. you had your chance, not anymore). 

time heals the pains. that's true. time even wash away the fake mask. that's true too. it both happened in this 3 years. seeing everyone change before u is upsetting and in some few cases, very happy. seeing people can't forget the past of a person who did wrong things and changed to a better person, make me feel upset. i have a friend who changed for better and still people can't see that, it's not right. and the people who have changed to worst, i don't even know how college can do that to someone. i just feel sympathy.  i spend three hours today talking with a girl who i spend least time with. she had a hard time in past few months. i had spoken with her in beginning of the college started. i used to get irritated by the way of her talking, the topics she spoke about. the past few months changed her. she is a whole new person. A better person.

In my case time changed me into a lazy person. I am trying hard to fight it back and become the old me.I am even so lazy to make food once in a day even when i am starving. Man i gotta try harder. Wish me luck with that.

well that's it. have a happy weekend :-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When waste basket becomes a treasure

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I heard the most amusing story of the lifetime from my brother. I didn't  knew how to respond when he said this to me.

My brother bought a PS2, I am guessing one year back. He bought a second-hand one since he just got a new job and belonging to a country like India playing video games for more than half an hour will be a  crime. Upsetting Indian parents are so easy in my opinion. Playing games for few hours, sitting ideally on the sofa in the evenings, chatting on the phone for half an hour or less, even not taking a bath in the early morning can upset Indian parents.  So we didn't know how exactly we were gonna use it.

He bought it while I was away from home with his friend. So when he came back I realised, he didn't bring two joysticks. So we had to play it separately. It was a huge loss.But as I already guessed, we used it to the least.

Few days back, bro asked me if I could play with him fifa14. I was like, yeah why not but we don't have two joysticks. He said yeah we do have. Oh. I thought the guy who sold it to him gave it. No further questions asked. While playing I had a trouble once in a while, whenever my Real Madrid  players kicked a ball, it went out. They never passed the ball. First, he thought it was my problem. We exchanged joysticks and he realized for himself that the problem was with the joystick.  He asked me to take another joystick from the box. I was like how come three sticks come in one box. His reply was the most amusing thing I have ever heard in a long time.

He said he got the other two sticks from waste basket. I was shocked for a moment and laughed so hard thinking about it. I asked him if he was joking and He replied nope. I was convinced he was not lying. I didn't ask anything further.I didn't want to know the condition of the waste basket and also its location. I am glad that at least now we have got two sticks to play together.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Carrot Halwa

6:30:00 AM
One of my goal for this vacation is to learn cooking and eat a lot. Yesterday was one of that day to achieve my goal. I cooked carrot halwa. I didn't take any help from my mom except asking her to find cardamom powder and wash plate. It took me around one hour or more to cook the dessert. It wasn't a flop, everyone enjoyed every bit of it. Even I liked the taste.

I prepared this in the evening so lighting wasn't good, hence I used candy camera to take the photo. If you liked how it looks, scroll down to see for the recipe. Keep in mind- I am not a professional cook nor do I cook daily. These are my experiments so you can make slight adjustments as you wish.


Carrot (I prepared for 4)
Ghee 1-2 tablespoon
Cardamom powder


Heat the nonstick pan and add ghee to it.
As the ghee get heated add grated carrot to it. 
Mix it well. keep the flame in medium and cook for 20 -25 mins. 
Stir intermittently. 
Then put the flame to high for 8 to 10 mins while covering it with a lid with stirring once in a while.
Open the lid.
Pour 100 to 150ml of  milk to it and stir well by soaking carrot in milk.
Keep in medium flame and cook for another 20 mins.
keep stirring once in a while. 
After 20mins open the lid and add sugar(accordingly) to it and mix.
Add cardamom powder(little. not necessary), raisin and cashew.
Close the lid and cook for 10-15mins in low flame. Keep stirring intermittently
Open the lid and increase the flame to medium and cook for 2-3 mins while stirring.
Ready to serve. Serve hot.

It worked out for me, hope it works out for u too.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Kireedam (crown)

9:45:00 PM
After coming home I have been busy. Ate so much. Mom said I lost weight and she is feeding me all the time, now I can't remember how hunger feels like, today I didn't do anything in particular. I woke up, had breakfast, went through many interior designing software, visited my new home under renovation and went with mom to rectify some issues in her office. But that evening I was home alone and was  left with nothing much to do. I was going through youtube. I have a weird habit of playing movies in background and browsing. I didn't have any movie in particular in my mind.

Last time when I was back home for vacation, I remember seeing a movie named Kireedam. And also remember me crying through the entire span of the movie. With this hangover, I saw the second part thinking at least that will have a better ending. man! I  was bloody damn wrong. I even cold after watching that. My dad came home seeing me cry badly that day.

I wanted to watch it one more time. that would be my second time. but I didn't want to cry like that again. So I played it in the background while browsing. Got to say that the movie still had a huge impact on me.

I thought I should write about this brilliant movie, and maybe let everyone watch it.

This movie was released back in 1989. This movie is  older than I am. Language is Malayalam,which most of u might not be familiar with.

The movie begins with Achuthan Nair dreaming about his son Sethumadhavan becoming a police officer and getting posted in his same office. He dreamt of saluting his son in uniform. This was the only dream he had. Sethu was an obedient son. He works very hard to achieve his father's goal. He loves his family and was a simple man with ordinary life. He is in love with his cousin (not offensive, it was a tradition in old Kerala. Not seen nowadays). He passed the physical test and was almost ready to becoming a police after the theory exams. Achuthan Nair is a proud police officer and always in righteous path.

One day,while in duty Achuthan Nair gets offended by seeing a young man pushing a constable. he gets in dispute with his young fellow who was  the son of MLA(member of legislative assembly). They threatened Achuthan Nair and asked him to apologize to the young man, which he refused to do. As a result, he got transferred to a place called Rama Puram. This place was known for its notorious activities.

Problems didn't stay away from Achuthan Nair's life. He again got in dispute with a criminal in his new place. He got beaten up by this criminal (Keerikadan Jose). Seeing this, Sethumadhavan came running towards his father and fought with Jose. He won in this fight. Villagers were so stunned to see this and started to praise Sethumadhavan. His father Achuthan Nair filed a case against him for beating up a person in public. As the inspector knows Sethumadhavan's  history, he removed him from the case and asked  him to stay away from troubles.

This was the end of Sethumadhavans normal peaceful life. You can see him running around worrying about what he did. Trying to stay away from everything.

While this time his brother-in-law and a local goon starts collecting money from people in his name. When he become aware of this, without any other choice left he beat the goon and ask everyone not to give money to anyone in his name. His father becoming upset about him calls him a criminal. Sethumadhavan was almost kicked out from his home. Nowhere else to go, Sethumadhavan while resting under a tree, he was attacked by a man from Jose's gang. Sethu pleas to  the man to stop fighting and says he wants to lead a normal life. Despite this, he ends up nearly killing this man.

His all hope of leading a normal life fades away gradually. The girl he loved was married off.

This time, his father gets a notification that Sethumadhavan passed the theory exam and is selected for police training. Everyone is happy seeing this news and thinks he can escape from this life and gets back to what he was.

This same time Keerikadan Jose is back from the hospital and is all set to take revenge. While Sethu stays away from this place, Keerikadan attacks his mother and siblings.

He realized there is no escape from this life and goes meet Keerikadan. A huge fight between them is shown and Sethu stabs Keerikadan with a sharp-ended knife. Achuthan Nair sees this painfully. He writes a report saying Sethumadhavan is disqualified for police training camp and states he is a notorious criminal. Sethumadhavan is sentenced to prison for 14yrs.

You can find this movie in Youtube but I couldnt find subtitle. The actors are brilliant with excellent acting. Do watch it.

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