I made a monkey yawn at me..

Okay ..so this blog post is going to have two parts..so don't get bored too quickly and get ready to read my last one-month boring yet eventful life....

After typing the word eventful....I thought it wasn't the word I was looking for.. but u know, my vocabulary is not my strong suit. I left that word and thought would just cont. with the post..... so yeah this happened a couple of weeks back...I thought I would enter this to my blog because this was the first time I put a great deep thought into who I am and was and who I am going to be...

I have a roommate who is addicted to talking on the phone...not kidding.. she is so addicted...she talks loud and long....sometimes gets on my nerve....but she is my 3rd roommate and u know what, she doesn't indulge in my personal life. I am more than happy about that...She is kinda old. Maybe 8yrs older than me and my senior (PG) too...so I always thought it's inappropriate to ask a grown married women to keep her mouth shut when I have a university exam coming in next few weeks... I mean she is supposed to understand that...isn't it something one has to do it on their own.....

Anyways I am here not to talk about her.. I am here to talk about what made me think about-myself.

You know what I always thought I was God fearing, taking everything way too easy, cranky at times, hurtful sometimes sorta girl..I thought if something bad comes up I might run..I always imagine what to do when some crises come up...don't get me wrong. I do imagine..earthquake, fire in the building, people chasing me.....yeah I always thought I would be the escaping such situation easily...I may cry for help....maybe I will shout .... maybe I will rescue someone...I may make the world the better place...haha .. Imaginations always favours me, making me a super hero.....so yeah let's start with the story. It may be super funny....sit tight

Because of my roommate,  I always prefer the stairways to the terrace during my externals.....I sit on the stair which does not open to the terrace.It had a dead end... I always wonder why they build two stairs if one doesn't open to the terrace they could have just not built that...Those stairs are always neat so prefer them. Anyways while sitting there I see many of my seniors, juniors, batchmates everyone going up and down all the time...

That was my unlucky day.... usually when someone passes by I look up to see their face. Everytime it's a new face but trust me, man, everyone makes the cranky footstep noise loud and clear...This particular day I choose to ignore the footstep sounds and be more attentive to my reading. Worst decision ever..dude you need to know what's happening around you. Otherwise, this will happen.

I was successfully ignoring every footstep passing by me that day...Though I can hear them opening the doors to terrace every time....I think it was afternoon. When these guys opened the doors and started walking towards me, again I was successful in ignoring them. This time was different..after the squeaky door noise, it didn't follow by the annoying chapels sounds. That made me wondering. I turned back to see nothing but a stupid monkey family. First, it was just two of them the mother with a hanging baby on her belly and a huge dad whose limbs could be barely seen under his huge fatty trunk.

Told ya it's funny yet silly. Made a huge deal for me because I am even scared of a friendly pup..I stood there, didn't know what to do. It was few steps away from me so didn't give me time to climb downstairs. The huge mistake I did was I tried to shoo them away. I just gained their attention by shoo-ing and made the two stop right in front of me...They would have just walked away, won't even see me. But the stupid me stopped them.The dad turns and gave me a look. I got the point he made right away. Crystal clear, thanks dad. I stopped shoo-ing and just stood there.  My legs were shivering. I could feel them both hitting each other. I was just stuck there. Nowhere to run. More monkeys came inside through the door. The youngest among them was so enthusiastic. The way he ran towards me made me want to shit in my trousers. I just stood there looking at them didn't make a move to provoke them. I calmed myself. I didn't cry, shout or call out for help, just stood there. Me and 5 monkeys in the stairs. Just four steps away from eachother. I even saw the youngest one yawning at me.Am I that boring.. A monkey yawned at me. I saw his cute little teeth. Thank goodness he was least interested me.

 I even thought wat to do when they try to attack me. But I knew I was helpless here if they attacked me. It's five against one. And they all are gymnastics. I can barely run.So yeah I just stood there without making a move without gaining their attention. The females, as usual, was ready to feed the young ones, they left me after 1 or two minutes. They were aiming for the waste basket. They tripped the basket, thankfully gaining the attention of the little ones and the huge fat angry dad. The moment they got down the stairs I knew it was my queue to get down. If I wait for even one second. Maybe they will come back again, I will be held hostage. I ain't wasting any time. I ran. I have a friends room nearby. I just ran into the room and just shut myself there.

I heard many screaming from the doorways from the kids sitting in the corridors..after half an hour or so.I
left for my room. I did a reality check. I gave deep thoughts on what happened and what I did to save myself. I understood I didn't cry, shout call for help nor did help anyone. I was totally the opposite of what I thought I was. That reality check gave me shitty feeling. I am not the one who I thought I was. I am a totally different person. I realised I don't know who I am. Well, thats pity. That small incident didn't make me call for help. It made me feel so disturbed. What if something serious comes up and I kept my mouth shut. I understood where all I went wrong. Some part tells me I am courageous to stand on my legs and face the situation. And another part of me, make me think I went wrong in the part I didn't call for help. In this situation calling for help might not make much difference but what if this wasn't the scenario.

Anyway, this is the reality check I had from a small encounter with the monkeys.
 Well, that made me think a lot about myself. Well, everything happens for a reason.
 That's it. Cya. Part 2 is coming up...

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