13 reasons why

Okay, here we are again talking about my boring and eventful past one month. Yup told ya part two is coming up...

Theory exams got over finally and it was my day to rest. Man, that day I took my mobile without feeling guilty. My phone broke that day, so I got my lappy ready to watch a movie... This was after dining out with my friends. I was having a severe headache from not having food and sleep for the last couple of days, but I sat on my bed to watch a movie. I was so determined.One whole month was just books, food and sleep. So yeah, I was ready to watch the movie. The first day, the day my exams got over, I just watched few new Malayalam movies on youtube. Some of them were okay, but I know I was ready for some bigger shit..sorry for my language. So I shut my youtube and went to watch movies online.

Few days before, when I was getting ready to start studying I remembered asking bro something good to watch. He said few stuffs for me to watch. I couldn't watch that day. But I remember searching them on google. So instead of asking my brother again, I went through my history...Five minutes of search, helped me find this particular series. 13 REASONS WHY

I found it online and started watching it. It just took 2 and a half day to watch the whole series. I was alone in my room these days. My roommate left for Australia few days before the commencement of my exam.

Each episode made me upset, more and more. I called my brother and talked about the series. Continued watching the series. I don't know if u have seen this,(spoilers alert) remember this guy taking her photo in front of her porch. Yeah, watched this scene at 3 am in the morning. Ask me how it was..... Horrible. Remember she getting afraid to sleep. Her heart pounding. She goes under the blanket yet scared to close her eyes. Yeah, I watched it at night alone in my hostel room. That wasn't a great pleasure at all. I shut my lappy and kept on my table. and I slide under the blanket.Trust me man couldn't shut my eyes.I don't remember falling asleep, but I remember waking up every one hour seeing a guy standing in front of me. That was a horrible night.

This was the most horrible series ever I watched after THE KILLING series. We don't see much bullying going around in Indian schools, well at least in Kerala schools, yet some can be a nasty bitch. But never seen anything happening like these here. Maybe it's bcoz I am not aware of any.

The best thing about this series is that they didn't make the protagonist perfect. She made mistakes herself. She made wrong choices. She hurt others too.

The scariest scenes were the raping scenes. I was shocked seeing them. I hate the part were Hannah kept quite seeing her friend raped. I hate when she attend the party even after knowing it's his party and got herself on his list.

The most depressing scene is when she tries to give life another chance yet nothing changes. Man, I hate that guy who asked her to move on with her life. I hate the scene where see cut her wrist. Her mom seeing this. Calling for her. How much I regret watching it.

The part where I knew people can be a real bitch. The gay girl, Marcus, Bryce, Tyler, Mr. Potter. I know people like these exist. Studying in college full of people from around the world. Yes, I know people can be real assholes.

Watching the series I doubt why Zach, Dylan, Sheri has their name on the list. I thought it was silly on her part to blame them. But I understood why when she said: " Some of you cared, but none of you cared enough". I understood, how we hurt people without even realizing a bit.

I read few articles telling these series shouldn't be watched. But I say no. It has to be seen by many. I never knew whatever you say or do can be really hurtful to some without even us realizing it.


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