Indian doctors removed 232 teeth from an 17yr old boy

Today I was searching through the internet to find something that would interest me.
I was going through many blogs written by dentist, and i came across the blog called junior dentist. The blog took me to many pictures and one of them quite fascinated me and i searched for it to know more. It blew my mind off since this news went out a day ago and it was a rare case since no one has ever seen or heard anything about it before.
The case dealt with a boy having more than 232 teeth buried in his jawbone(if thats what they call it). In normal case wisdom teeth comes out with slight pain. But in the boy's case it got buried in the jaw and multiple root was born giving rise to multiple teeth.
This was all I understood and i could explain.To get a  better understanding dig more yourself.

Credits: this image has been shamelessly copied from Google images, blog etc. So if the owner wants me to remove the above image pls notify me with an email.


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