Socho Ke Jheelon Ka song - Mission Kashmir

Although things are not winding up the way i intended to end, i "think" the thing are going the way they are supposed to be going. Atleast i wish its going the right way. The only thing which is making me feel contented  right now is that i was able to not trouble my parents with money for my college admission and i was able to get into the best college.

Since i am going away from my home for 5yrs, i thought of learning to understand hindi a bit more better, and i decided to watch hindi movies. Since i am not a fan of new hindi movies thought of watching the old ones. This one released when i was 5 years old. I remember listening to the songs from this movie but i never understood the movie. Today i was browsing through the internet and you know how the internet works, you select something, it takes you to some other place, from there you go to some place else. Like that i too was jumping from one to another and at the end i reached Mission Kashmir. Watched the movie from start to end and i liked it. I have watched many english movies of this genre, Mission kashmir is not that good but it has a good story line moreover it gives a good indian movie feel.

Credits: this video has been shamelessly copied from youtube. So if the owner wants me to remove the above video pls send me an email


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