I have told several times that its my vacation, so i am straight away going to tell what i did in the last couple of days without dragging talking about the same.
 Since my studies require a tonnes of record works, i felt it would be better to learn to draw stuffs a bit faster than the usual. So i thought off brushing up my few talents which i am not at all good at to survive my college days. So i went to internet images and searched for 'pencil portrait man'  and few more other key words and it showed many pencil sketches. I don't know to sketch up things from my surroundings or use my imagination, so i tried to copy from those drawings. It doesn't exactly look like the original ones but it surely gave me an idea in shading the pictures. So i am thankful to all the artists who helped me draw the copies which doesn't look exactly like the originals and i didn't mean no plagiarism.

Here are few of my drawings..

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