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Hereafter I am never gonna mention the name of the college I study. 
I will give a small scenario of what  we see daily in my college. we see it so  often that, it's no longer a big deal to us.
My college staffs are mad, they can get on ur nerves all the time. If u didn't write the correct date in ur record, Mann u r so screwed. If ur work isn't satisfying enough, obviously it always depends on their mood, u are again screwed. If we talk or if they see a mobile in ur hand, u r a dead man. They can ask u to submit a project, assignment etc in days before ur external or internal or whatever exam u have... these all response depends on their present mood. it's hard to enjoy college life in here. But i would never say i hate my college, but  sometimes I do feel like to do this.

So one night we were at the college library. We got so tired of reading the books which weighed more than us. So we thought of going around the college and discover something, who knows, I might end u…