Hereafter I am never gonna mention the name of the college I study. 
I will give a small scenario of what  we see daily in my college. we see it so  often that, it's no longer a big deal to us.
My college staffs are mad, they can get on ur nerves all the time. If u didn't write the correct date in ur record, Mann u r so screwed. If ur work isn't satisfying enough, obviously it always depends on their mood, u are again screwed. If we talk or if they see a mobile in ur hand, u r a dead man. They can ask u to submit a project, assignment etc in days before ur external or internal or whatever exam u have... these all response depends on their present mood. it's hard to enjoy college life in here. But i would never say i hate my college, but  sometimes I do feel like to do this.

So one night we were at the college library. We got so tired of reading the books which weighed more than us. So we thought of going around the college and discover something, who knows, I might end up with a huge treasure while roaming around the campus. 

So we got out from the library and started to walk through the corridors. I am a short gal. there was a board written seminar hall hanging in front of a closed door. my friend is huge and she stretched her arms and she reached the board. we saw a PG walking right behind us so we stopped doing wat we were doing and walked away like we did nothing. When we returned to lib few mins later. I saw the board and I had that hard feeling to do wat she did. damn ,I can't do like how my friend. I will have to jump to reach it. so I ran slowly and jumped and hit the board as hard as I could. I didn't hit hardly on purpose but the velocity of my running made me hit it hard.I blame my adrenaline rush. I hit the board and victoriously ran through the corridors. I heard my friend running behind me fastly and I was like why the hell is she running. she came closely and said me while panting so heavily that one side of the hanging broke and the board came off. just half though.!!!!!!!!!!shit!!!!!!

I turned back and saw it, damn my heart was about to come out, seeing the site I saw.  I ran towards it, there is nothing I could do, even my friend won't be able to reach it for sure. we both panicked. I even thought of going to jail for ruining college property. I thought about suspension and dismissal. I thought of going back home and meeting my parents. I felt like vomiting.

We went to the toilet to come up with a plan. nothing ....we were blank...I thought of telling it to the tall attender who I thought was a nice person. friend interfered and said its a very bad idea and he might tell on us. 

I dropped my all hope and went back to the reading room. I was so tense, I almost hit all the chairs I passed by. I sat on a chair covering my face thinking of all the consequences that might come upon me. I thought of telling to it one of my friend who was sitting next to me. I was shivering while saying about all the things that happened in last few mins. Even he got tensed, but not like me and said he wants to see it.   we took him to the crime scene. He asked me if anyone saw what I did. I said nobody saw me but someone saw her trying to hit the board. He stayed cool. and tried to reach the board. even though he had to stretch out a bit, but the most important part is that he can reach it perfectly. I saw HEAVEN....... I asked him to try more. he managed to reach the board and FIXED it.  he fixed it like that even a small wind could bring it down. Anyways I was happy, so relieved, I found peace........ at last. 
I am so thankful to him. if he didn't come to the reading room that day, I would have been jailed (not sure though). I understood God does exist. and I never did anything so stupid like that never again..

Credits: this image has been shamelessly copied from Google images etc. So if the owner wants me to remove the above image pls notify me with an email.

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