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How would it be like living for years, i mean like immortal.I always wonder how it would be.Never in your life you need to be frightened of facing the death.You won't feel like you have wasted your day, because you have got centuries to live your life.You don't have to worry if something goes wrong with someone since you have got plenty of time to get things straighten up with them.Most of all you never have to worry about getting old and bedridden because you are sick.Wouldn't it be so amazing living your life with your grandparents and their grandparents, our grandchildren and their grandchildren.Here we get the chance to chose our decision on when we plan to end our life.
I know this could never happen(unless our medical field is improved more). Atleast a few could get a chance to experience this.Then we would know how this would be.We could get to know people from all the centuries.We get a know, what all difference are seen in people from 21th century to people from 25…

Christmas 2011

Christmas is all about enjoying, reunion of families and friends, celebration and lotz of eating.Christmas Day is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ,celebrated generally on December 25.All the people around belonging to different religion joins to celebrate Christmas. Christmas means differently for all age groups.For kids, it reminds them of the vacations, outing etc.For an adult it means a small break from their work, and for old age group, it is the time when their children and grandchildren visit them after a long time.Christmas is all about happiness.From rich to poor, they celebrate the christmas in the way they can.
Christmas reminds any one of the cake, stars, gifts, wine and Santa Claus.It is the time when nights turns to daytime.We see a small star hanging in front of our house. Carol songs are sung.Trees are decorated.Special dinners are prepared. Everywhere you could see is happiness.
So I wish every viewers a very very happy christmas.Hope all of you en…


In my opinion, what fujifilm offers you is that, more options and good quality in low price.All the user of fujifilm doesn't have any genuine complaints on fujifilm cameras.As I have told you, I have bought a FinePix JX300 yesterday.It is soo small and light weight, hence easy to handle.Its functioning is simple because of the buttons provided on the right side of the camera.With less effort you can choose any photo mode with the button on top right of the camera near to the screen by rotating it.I am not telling that this option is only there for this camera, but it is good.Another thing that is good about fuji camera is about its color depth.This could make any photo lively.

I tried to capture a photo of the moon at night,but the photo didn't come out well.But I can tell that the flash functions very well that I captured a photo of my courtyard at night and it looked like taken at day time.As I have written before I am new to this panoramic photography, I tried capturing one,…

My family is hooked on

This is really absurd from my families part.I don't know why but my whole family, let it be my father's side or my mother's side, all the men are hooked up on cars, bikes and mobile phones.It is soo "funny" to see them talking about these thing, even if they are seeing each other after a very long time.I mean, I think they have lost all the human emotions they should have when they see their brothers, sisters or any family members.You all know that I have an elder brother.I have seen him with my cousin brother "always always" talking about these stuffs.Do you know what they talk to eachother when they first meet?The first question would be, have you seen the mobile I asked you to look for? or do you know the car I have been talking about?.I haven't actually seen them saying 'hai' to eachother before getting into a conversation.This is not just a problem with them, my whole family talk about these things when we get into some round table disc…

Panoramic photoghrapy

30 most breath taking panoramic photographies.
There is this site where I found 30 most beautiful photos.Out of all the 30 photos,I found 26 photos which are brilliant and so lively.I have been planning to buy a fujifilm DSLR camera with 14mp and 5x optical zoom.The camera suggested panorama photo mode in it.Since i haven't really captured any panoramic photography, i needed to know what actually this is and how to join the pics in order to make one. While searching in google,I found this site and the photos were soo good(in my opinion), so I thought to share it here.

There is this free software called AutoStitch, with which you can join the pics with less effort and less time consuming. Almost all the users have good commends on this software,except the fact that it does not work on mac PCs.I read lot of reviews which said it is free to download, but I could only find the trial version which is free to …