My family is hooked on

This is really absurd from my families part.I don't know why but my whole family, let it be my father's side or my mother's side, all the men are hooked up on cars, bikes and mobile phones.It is soo "funny" to see them talking about these thing, even if they are seeing each other after a very long time.I mean, I think they have lost all the human emotions they should have when they see their brothers, sisters or any family members.You all know that I have an elder brother.I have seen him with my cousin brother "always always" talking about these stuffs.Do you know what they talk to eachother when they first meet?The first question would be, have you seen the mobile I asked you to look for? or do you know the car I have been talking about?.I haven't actually seen them saying 'hai' to eachother before getting into a conversation.This is not just a problem with them, my whole family talk about these things when we get into some round table discussions.
What I am actually trying to say is that people have forgotten all the human value that we are supposed to have.Even I am not perfect to talk about it.Can we stay without mobile phone,laptop or Internet for atleast oneday.It is hard for us to believe that there was a time when people lived without these things which we can't live without. Time has changed everything, even our perceptions on everything.People have changed a lot from what we were and it is still continuing to change.When I was an infant, it was very different from todays kids.They don't act the way we acted many years ago.I don't know why, but I feel emotional when I talk about my childhood.I didn't mean I am too old to talk about my childhood, but still I miss it.
I am sorry, since I got carried away.I hope in future my family will give some place for relationships.


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