Christmas 2011

Christmas is all about enjoying, reunion of families and friends, celebration and lotz of eating.Christmas Day is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ,celebrated generally on December 25.All the people around belonging to different religion joins to celebrate Christmas. Christmas means differently for all age groups.For kids, it reminds them of the vacations, outing etc.For an adult it means a small break from their work, and for old age group, it is the time when their children and grandchildren visit them after a long time.Christmas is all about happiness.From rich to poor, they celebrate the christmas in the way they can.
Christmas reminds any one of the cake, stars, gifts, wine and Santa Claus.It is the time when nights turns to daytime.We see a small star hanging in front of our house. Carol songs are sung.Trees are decorated.Special dinners are prepared. Everywhere you could see is happiness.
So I wish every viewers a very very happy christmas.Hope all of you enjoy christmas.Bye


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