In my opinion, what fujifilm offers you is that, more options and good quality in low price.All the user of fujifilm doesn't have any genuine complaints on fujifilm cameras.As I have told you, I have bought a FinePix JX300 yesterday.It is soo small and light weight, hence easy to handle.Its functioning is simple because of the buttons provided on the right side of the camera.With less effort you can choose any photo mode with the button on top right of the camera near to the screen by rotating it.I am not telling that this option is only there for this camera, but it is good.Another thing that is good about fuji camera is about its color depth.This could make any photo lively.

I tried to capture a photo of the moon at night,but the photo didn't come out well.But I can tell that the flash functions very well that I captured a photo of my courtyard at night and it looked like taken at day time.As I have written before I am new to this panoramic photography, I tried capturing one, and it came out well as I thought it would come.What I enjoyed most is that I didn't have to use any software to stitch the photos, but the camera alone did it.

when my father went to buy the fuji camera, the salesman asked my father not to buy it since its battery may fail after capturing few photos.FinePix JX300 uses Li-ion battery and what is good about this one is that, if we charge it even though it is fully charged unlike other battery it doesn't fail.There are many other brands which use Li-ion battery and have huge no. of customers. So I didn't feel like to reject it.
I am a class 11 student and I didn't want a camera which cost above 7000 Indian rupee.So for me this is an apt camera with options that I looked for.

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