How would it be like living for years, i mean like immortal.I always wonder how it would be.Never in your life you need to be frightened of facing the death.You won't feel like you have wasted your day, because you have got centuries to live your life.You don't have to worry if something goes wrong with someone since you have got plenty of time to get things straighten up with them.Most of all you never have to worry about getting old and bedridden because you are sick.Wouldn't it be so amazing living your life with your grandparents and their grandparents, our grandchildren and their grandchildren.Here we get the chance to chose our decision on when we plan to end our life.
I know this could never happen(unless our medical field is improved more). Atleast a few could get a chance to experience this.Then we would know how this would be.We could get to know people from all the centuries.We get a know, what all difference are seen in people from 21th century to people from 25th century, if this world exist that long.
Sorry if I have gone too far, this thing have gotten into me after watching and reading the twilight series:-)


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