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I am happy, if you are happy

I was posted in prostho dept. for one and half months. For our un -luck it was the month of festivals.  Each clinical batch has 12 members. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am the last member of our batchI i always get the case last. as it was a festival season, none of the members got either CD or TPD case. we were so unfortunate. in the second half of the month, the first member got patient. i saw all the cases. even though, i got no patient i attended posting everyday. i helped all my friends. got inspired by two interns who were so dedicated in their work. saw them helping all my friends and i learned work from them. going everyday to college to attend posting was never boring, because i could watch my friends going wrong in each steps. this way i learned, how to go wrong in each steps and  how to avoid the days passed by, i still got no patient. As a joke i asked my prof, if i would get a patient. and he asked me to be optimistic and hope to get one before posting get done.,…