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Happy christmas

hi everyone, another much awaited Christmas has come. Christmas is always about joy, love,  fun, family, drink or what ever that comes to your mind.  Christmas bring people closer. It brings Jesus closer. Together it bring happiness closer.  Every Christmas we all will have a story to write about. Every year it is different. Every year it is sweeter. At the end of the year, we will be having a story to share with. And here is mine
 Every Christmas,  Ifind something different in someone who i care or supposed to love.  And like always this year too I found something different in someone i care about. I mean it was a huge difference that i could ever find in that person. Actually he is a kind of person who don't talks too much or smile too much, but yesterday when i saw him, he was completelydifferent. I saw him smile many times and also even talking. In some way it appeared bit strange to me but i was so happy for him. I wish he stays like this forever.
Like every other people in the wo…

little more country than that

Do you want to hear the real country songs, you need to listen to Easton Corbin.I think he is one of the best and real country singer. If you would hear him, i am sure you would stop listening to the Taylor Swift's crap songs. I find majority of her songs more pop than country.
 Here are few of Easton Corbin's song which i personally like

Feeling sorry?

We have a combined class for maths, which means half of the bio students and half of the commerce student will seated in the bio group class studying math and the remaining will be seated in the commerce class where they will be learning computer. This means we get a chance  to mingle with few of our old classmates.
I am seating in the front row and next to me is a boy who happens to be one of my friend, behind my seat is a girl who happens to have my same name and is one of my good friend. Altogether it means that maths class is pretty funny.Although me and my friend share this same name, we got lots of things in common as well as different. For example, she got a childish voice and i have got a bold voice.And this is one of the many things my friends are joking about.
So one day in maths class,we where asked to study for math test, and as usual before the every test she put, we starts to beg her to postponed it.A few times she have postponed the test and over many no. of time she h…

strangest understanding

For a last couple of months  i have been thinking about what i want to write.When i think of writing about the movie, the next thought would be to write about my traveling and the following thought would be to about to write about the people i meet and last but not the least i would end up in not to write until i got something to write about. As the months passed by i recognized that, that day would never come.So i planned to write about something, may be out of order to write what ever pops in my head.

In my school i had been assigned to work on a speech, its just a class assessment.The day my teacher told me about this crap, i had been worrying over this again and again.But a few days earlier i recalled that i used to be good at it and my teachers used to appreciate me.And now when i heard about the same speech thing from my new teacher of english, i had this strange feeling that whether i could handle such pressure.The last thing i thought about this was that, how could time change…

The movies I saw in last 3 days

I was suffering from fever for last 3-4 days.I didn't have any better job to do other than to watch movies. So I watched 3 movies in 3 days.The first one I saw was 'shawshank redemption'. I had this movie downloaded for like years before, but thought it would be boring. But I watched the movie since a lot of people have been asking me to. After the movie completed, which I absolutely had no idea it would end like that, certainly made me love the film. Next one I watched was 'Thor', which was a brilliant movie.And the following day, in the hangover of Thor, I watched 'The Avengers' . Both the movie were absolutely thrilling to watch, since I always liked the Sci fi  movies a lot.

Dreams and Expectations

From the day we are born in our mothers womb, our parents starts to buildup expectations on us.It doesn't end, it grows bigger and bigger as we grow up.The day we join a school or an institution teachers starts to develop expectations.The day we see our grandparents, they expect something from us. When we join  a company or an office, our seniors starts to expect things.When we build a family of our own, our kids and spouse starts to develop expectations. Aren't these expectations bit overwhelming.Yes of course it is, otherwise the world wouldn't have witnessed so many suicidal attempts.Is suicide a solution for everything.don't think so.Suicides attempts are for cowards, for those who are not ready to face challenges in their life.Suicide is not an answer for the ultimate.When ever you feel depressed about money, future, family or relationship, just think about those who are suffering in their dreadful life, yet striving to come forward in life. Aren't our …


I came to know about this disease only after seeing a regional movie like 5 or 10yrs before. After that movie was released, Alzheimer's disease  became a huge talk in the town. When some forget to get something or if we don't answer any question in the class, they straight away ask whether you have Alzheimer to forget things so fast.It was all just a "word" for us back then. Keen on knowing what Alzheimer is, made me difficult to say what it really is. Knowing that currently there  is no cure for it,  has worsen my fright.

Alzheimer's was first named as 'disease of forgetfulness'  as simple. The seriousness of the case is even more worsen than death. Living your life without even knowing who you are, although your entire family is standing in front of you    you don't recognize a single member in them, you starts forgetting how to communicate, you need someones help to do your daily routine.It is hard  to imagine living such a life, then how could yo…

Beach day

I went to beach a couple of days before.When we reached the place, climate was turning to a disaster. The sky was clouded and lightning was so frightening.I went there keeping in mind that I could capture few photos, but the situation didn't favor me. We had a huge crowd on the beach which made it even more worse. Anyway I tried to capture a few photos. Although we had to rush out soon, we got to eat way too many things..

Top 5 natural phenomenon


They are a snow formation found at high altitudes.They take the form of tall thin blades of hardened
 snow and can be as tall as a person.

4. Red tides

Red tide is a common name for algal bloom.It is an event in which marine or fresh water algae
( eg : Gonyaulax - genus of Dinoflagellates) accumulate rapidly in the water and causes in discoloration
of the surface water due to the presence of photosynthetic pigments in them.

3.Light pillar

Light pillars are a kind of optical phenomenon. They are formed by the reflection of sunlight by
 ice crystals that are present in the Earth's atmosphere.The light pillar is prominently visible when the
Sun is low or lies below the horizon. Light pillars can sometimes also be seen arising from the Moon.


waterspout is a small-diameter column of rapidly swirling air in contact with a water surface.Though they occur majority in the tropics, they can also seasonally appear in temperate areas throughout the world.Waterspout…


Its been raining heavily in my place even though it is supposed to be sunny.As we know that, now a days it is hard to predict the weather, it is hard for me to decide whether to take my umbrella or not.Weather reports even say that there is a chance for storm.I don't know whether to believe them or not since the climatic conditions always contradicts what ever they say.

Ok, now here is the photos of the clouds just before rain. I took this while heading back to my house in car

This photo is taken after the raining has stopped.
There where many other disastrous photos due to raining which
 I didn't feel like to post.

The Moonwalk

Hey, remember what the date yesterday was? Yeah, it was 25 th of the march.It was on March 25, 1983 Micheal Jackson first performed his moonwalk in"Billie Jean" on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever.
I was watching his stage performances on youtube and I found out about this.So here is the video of him performing the moonwalk.


Health is Wealth

I had to do some biology project and for a while I was in some research.Although it was long days back, I had bookmarked this page.The page was about teenage health problems.As you know teenage is a period were "all the rights go wrong", I thought this page would help you with it.When I looked for some of the issues, I could find everything there.There are many things a teenager don't want to talk about.This site is not the final word for everything but this will help you know what you are suffering from and how can it be cured.So check out the site and send a comment if it helped you..

link to the page

The help

I saw the movie 'The help' which was nominated for the best film in Oscars.The movie is brilliant, thats all I got to say about it.I cried my eyes out for a while after watching the movie. I just don't know why but it made me reminded of my aunt.That's what I called her.We have this day care centers, where kids are looked after when their parents are off for work.In my childhood days I used to spent my days there.I still remember her face.For once I was reminded of her while watching the film. I haven't seen her since i moved my house away from that place.The day when my father told me that she was dead due to heart attack, I felt like I miss something that was a part of my life and don't know how to explain it but I felt like I had a huge hole inside of me. People who do good things for you, goes away way too early.

I just wanna say that this movie is best to watch.And it has got some story in it.So go ahead and watch the movie.
And mean while I just have to…

Coffee break

Hi everyone, its been a long time since i wrote the last post.Was busy with few things and my exams are coming.I took a break for a while and I have edited a photo and made few changes in the blog.I have opened a voting line, you don't have to login to cast your vote.
Oh my break is over, I will be back here with something interesting to read after a few days.So keep coming back.

Sam's Letters to Jennifer

After long days of half an hour reading,I finished reading this novel written by James Patterson. This story is amazingly beautiful.The story starts with Jennifer visiting her grandmother Samantha in the hospital who is in coma. Jennifer finds the letters written to her by Sam. The story continues with the revealing of the hidden love story of her grandmother and Doc. Meanwhile her visit in the hospital, after a very long time Jennifer herself finds a true love Brendan, who is her childhood friend.
The story tells about the relationships and its beauty. Anyone reading this novel will find it nice, simple and elegant.I don't want to reveal the suspense,so do read the book yourself.
Happy reading!!!

Aurora Borealis

I don't know how many of you have heard about this, but this is something worth seeing. I found out about this while i was reading a novel. This quite amused me and I searched it in youtube. And that was really stunning and so beautiful from what I have expected. The science behind this is very fascinating. This video I post here is from youtube.

Credits: creator of this video in Youtube

Seen one like this?


Panoramic photography

The last time I wrote about panoramic photography, I have been planning to put one of them here.

A dry leaf about to fall off

Just like a human life, the life span of the leaf had ended.Everyone remembers the day we are born or atleast ourselves. And we celebrate our birthday every year hoping we can do the same next year, like we say "many many happy returns of the day". But the chances of we living are in gods hand or like in math we say we have 50% chance in living or dying. We don't know the life after the death. What happens to us is actually a true mystery.There are many explanation given in many scriptures and scientific books. Do we actually believe that? In my case 'no'. Once my friend told me something that she has read somewhere. The incident was about a man who tried to suicide, was rescued by some fisher men.The man who was rescued told that the few moments before the end of his life was the most peaceful time in his entire life. He said that he actually didn't felt any pain just before his death. I don't know whether to believe him or not. Any way we know the dea…




Here are few pics the I took recently. I tried editing it on
picasa 3.


This is how autumn looks in our country.

India vs FC Bayern Munich - Audi football summit

Today was an exciting as well as a surprising day for all Indian football fans.The Indian team consisting of majority young players, showcased their best performance that we have ever scened.And this was wittensed by the people who crowed in Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, New Delhi.The first half of the game was very disappointing and bit kinda losing their stands which helped the bayern munich gain 4 goals against India.The 2nd half was just the opposite,although the players didn't attack the opponents, they defensed themselves against them.They 2nd half as I told was amazing and something not expected. The young players did an excellent job, although they couldn't aim for a perfect goal.We could see many promising players in the Indian team.The keeper gave few goals in the 1st half of the match but later he was very much aware of what he was doing, this did help India not giving scores for the opponent.There were also few players who did an excellent job in defensing.As Baichung…

This is it

I was confused for a while ,not knowing what to write on this blog. I have been watching many flash mob took place in many different place, but one really did got my attention.This took place in Philippines Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehab Center (CPDRC) by the "Dancing Inmates" in 2010.I just found out it today, and was really amused by the coordination, synchronization, movement and choreography done byMichael Jacksonslong-time choreographer Travis Payne.I wonder how they got into the prison.Do watch this, its really amazing.

Dobro pozhalovat, 2012

New year means a lot to many people in this world.The time when everyone hopes to start a new and refreshing life.Coming of a new year may or may not change the life an individual.If it doesn't change also, we never forget to hope the same for the next new year.
This is the time when we wish to god to happen something new and something we always wanted in our entire life.When we visit some places most people enquire us about the resolution that we are going to take and that we plan to keep up.we starts to answer beginning from gaining good marks, being punctual, being obedient, becoming a teacher's pet,making new friends etc.But does we really keep up our promises is a very big question.
Hoping and wishing are something that a person can't never get tired of.We wishes that we really have a good time in school, or today I won't be late to office, or some wishes for their children to visit them and so on.wishes and hopes have no ends.They are a very long list.But as a hum…