The help

I saw the movie 'The help' which was nominated for the best film in Oscars.The movie is brilliant, thats all I got to say about it.I cried my eyes out for a while after watching the movie. I just don't know why but it made me reminded of my aunt.That's what I called her.We have this day care centers, where kids are looked after when their parents are off for work.In my childhood days I used to spent my days there.I still remember her face.For once I was reminded of her while watching the film. I haven't seen her since i moved my house away from that place.The day when my father told me that she was dead due to heart attack, I felt like I miss something that was a part of my life and don't know how to explain it but I felt like I had a huge hole inside of me. People who do good things for you, goes away way too early.

I just wanna say that this movie is best to watch.And it has got some story in it.So go ahead and watch the movie.
And mean while I just have to say that my exams are over and they were just fine.So bye for know and I will come with something thats worth reading in future.

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