Happy christmas

hi everyone, another much awaited Christmas has come.
Christmas is always about joy, love,  fun, family, drink or what ever that comes to your mind.
 Christmas bring people closer. It brings Jesus closer. Together it bring happiness closer.
 Every Christmas we all will have a story to write about. Every year it is different. Every year it is sweeter. At the end of the year, we will be having a story to share with. And here is mine

 Every Christmas,  I find something different in someone who i care or supposed to love.  And like always this year too I found something different in someone i care about. I mean it was a huge difference that i could ever find in that person. Actually he is a kind of person who don't talks too much or smile too much, but yesterday when i saw him, he was completely different. I saw him smile many times and also even talking. In some way it appeared bit strange to me but i was so happy for him. I wish he stays like this forever.

Like every other people in the world i too am wishing you a very happy Christmas to you and your family. 
Let this Christmas brings happiness and joy to you and your family


credits: This image was shamelessly copied from Google images. And if the owner wants to delete this image, pls do send a message.


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