India vs FC Bayern Munich - Audi football summit

Today was an exciting as well as a surprising day for all Indian football fans.The Indian team consisting of majority young players, showcased their best performance that we have ever scened.And this was wittensed by the people who crowed in Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, New Delhi.

The first half of the game was very disappointing and bit kinda losing their stands which helped the bayern munich gain 4 goals against India.The 2nd half was just the opposite,although the players didn't attack the opponents, they defensed themselves against them.They 2nd half as I told was amazing and something not expected. The young players did an excellent job, although they couldn't aim for a perfect goal.We could see many promising players in the Indian team.The keeper gave few goals in the 1st half of the match but later he was very much aware of what he was doing, this did help India not giving scores for the opponent.There were also few players who did an excellent job in defensing.As Baichung Bhutia added, the new players were quite nervous about playing against such a huge and challenging team.This made them not to play up to their potential.And the next half, they were quite relaxed and helped them concentrate on the game.

We were really astonished by the Indian team, as they played very much better than we thought they would.We hope to see a good future in Indian football and hope to see many Baichung Bhutias and I. M. Vijayan.

This image is shamelessly copied from google images.
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