Dobro pozhalovat, 2012

New year means a lot to many people in this world.The time when everyone hopes to start a new and refreshing life.Coming of a new year may or may not change the life an individual.If it doesn't change also, we never forget to hope the same for the next new year.
This is the time when we wish to god to happen something new and something we always wanted in our entire life.When we visit some places most people enquire us about the resolution that we are going to take and that we plan to keep up.we starts to answer beginning from gaining good marks, being punctual, being obedient, becoming a teacher's pet,making new friends etc.But does we really keep up our promises is a very big question.
Hoping and wishing are something that a person can't never get tired of.We wishes that we really have a good time in school, or today I won't be late to office, or some wishes for their children to visit them and so on.wishes and hopes have no ends.They are a very long list.But as a human this is the only thing that we can actually do.So we continue to do our same old job.
So let us wish that this year could bring a whole new experience and happiness to our life.I wish you a very happy new year to all the readers and others who doesn't even know that this blog exists.

Here is the link to know how eventful 2011 was

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