strangest understanding

For a last couple of months  i have been thinking about what i want to write.When i think of writing about the movie, the next thought would be to write about my traveling and the following thought would be to about to write about the people i meet and last but not the least i would end up in not to write until i got something to write about. As the months passed by i recognized that, that day would never come.So i planned to write about something, may be out of order to write what ever pops in my head.

In my school i had been assigned to work on a speech, its just a class assessment.The day my teacher told me about this crap, i had been worrying over this again and again.But a few days earlier i recalled that i used to be good at it and my teachers used to appreciate me.And now when i heard about the same speech thing from my new teacher of english, i had this strange feeling that whether i could handle such pressure.The last thing i thought about this was that, how could time change you from whom you were to whom you are now.
 We have special class from monday to thurday from 3:15 to 4:30.We only have two school bus provided since only class 12 students  are staying back after school hour.Therefore these school buses don't go to each and every bus route, so some of them take the ordinary private buses.Few of my friends go by these buses and since it is a school time it pretty much have big rush in it.The line buses are really fast and every time they go for a sudden brake, even the person sitting at back would reach the front seat in few seconds. So last day, like every other ordinary day my friends where traveling in these bus and they had a most unlikeliest incident with this stranger who happens to be a man. Like any other day my friends(girls) got into their usual bus which reach the bus stop at 4:45.There where only 3 of them since 2 of them where absent. Due to the pathetic rush in the bus they got split up standing in a row almost in the men's side of the bus.The heavy school bags had forced one of my friend to give her bag to a boy/man (since i was not a accomplice) sitting. As usual this driver was rash driving and all in a sudden he hit the brake.1 of my friend, who is short in size didn't get anything in particular to hold on to, but in that micro second of time she some how got her hold onto something which she didn't happen to recognize.My other friend who saw this stood next to her but didn't say anything but giggled. My short friend found a boy/man staring at her with a big question mark on his face.Actually not him alone but a couple of people where staring at these two.She then actually saw that this whole time she was holding on to this strange person who is holding her bag.She immediately took her hands of him and asked my other friend why she didn't warn her. The next thing my friend said is that "i actually saw it before, but i thought you actually had an intention   to hold him". That day she didn't talked to her about anything.

I am an higher secondary school student and this is my last few months in my school.I have never thought about this in my infancy, but we friends always used boast about not crying or not feeling bad about leaving your school when we saw our super seniors cry. This thursday we had our chemistry practical period and this day is one of the worst days since we got this bio test with chemistry practical which we have to learn otherwise you are prohibited to enter the lab. Like i said before this thursday we all went for the chem lab.That day we were give a salt and we had to find the cation and the anion. As usual we did our experiment, since we didn't have to write the record we helped mam and a few where indulged in talking.And after 1 and half hour the bell rang and we got out of the lab and we found out that this was our last chem lab.I mean the ultimate one.We were stricken by the reality of 'this is your last few days in your school'.

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