Feeling sorry?

We have a combined class for maths, which means half of the bio students and half of the commerce student will seated in the bio group class studying math and the remaining will be seated in the commerce class where they will be learning computer. This means we get a chance  to mingle with few of our old classmates.
I am seating in the front row and next to me is a boy who happens to be one of my friend, behind my seat is a girl who happens to have my same name and is one of my good friend. Altogether it means that maths class is pretty funny.Although me and my friend share this same name, we got lots of things in common as well as different. For example, she got a childish voice and i have got a bold voice.And this is one of the many things my friends are joking about.
So one day in maths class,we where asked to study for math test, and as usual before the every test she put, we starts to beg her to postponed it.A few times she have postponed the test and over many no. of time she have asked us to write it. But this time, the complete scene did not go exactly the same way it used to happen.This time she shouted at us, said many horrible stuffs and at last she told us, she never expected this from us.I actually giggled the whole time because this same has happened with bio teacher.
After the shouting was all over she asked us to proceed with the text book excersices. We did not spoke and we start to do exactly what she has been told.The girl behind had got some trouble with one question and she called for her help.Usually when we call her, she comes to us but now she pretended like she never heard her calling. She continued to call her with her baby voice and we girls where laughing at my friend. Hearing her voice a boy sitting near her started to mimic her. He talked exactly like the way she used to and I couldn't control myself and I turned up to him. When the boy sitting next to me saw me laughing started to provoke me telling that i was laughing at my math teacher. First i tried to convince him I wasn't doing that, but he did not stop and he cont. what he was doing.I am short tempered and the provoking made it worse and i shouted at him many stupid things which wasn't supposed to be told.
That had really silenced him and turned him away from me.
After the stupidest things I have told him, I felt bad but I usually don't get sentimental and never had a chance to say sorry or thank you like you mean it.That was a difficult moment for me since i felt proud as well as sorry for my actions.(i felt proud since i never for any serious reasons gave chance for someone to overpower me unless its a joke).
Due to my assertiveness to not to apologize, the boy didn't talked to me for two days.I told this to the girl behind me and following day he asked her whether i told her about what had happened.She bluntly told him, i said to her. I got in between the discussion  and told her not to say what i said to her.And the boy sitting next to him jumped in between and asked me why i haven't apologized to him earlier while i was trying to apologize to him.To solve the huge dilemma i had to say sorry to him. 
The problem is solved but i have still haven't got the idea behind not talking but i do feel very very bad for the things i said to him and i now these thinks i can't take it back.

credits:all regards to the actual owner of this cartoon


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