Dreams and Expectations

From the day we are born in our mothers womb, our parents starts to buildup expectations on us.It doesn't end, it grows bigger and bigger as we grow up.The day we join a school or an institution teachers starts to develop expectations.The day we see our grandparents, they expect something from us. When we join  a company or an office, our seniors starts to expect things.When we build a family of our own, our kids and spouse starts to develop expectations.

Aren't these expectations bit overwhelming.Yes of course it is, otherwise the world wouldn't have witnessed so many suicidal attempts.Is suicide a solution for everything.don't think so.Suicides attempts are for cowards, for those who are not ready to face challenges in their life.Suicide is not an answer for the ultimate.When ever you feel depressed about money, future, family or relationship, just think about those who are suffering in their dreadful life, yet striving to come forward in life.

Aren't our lives build on expectations.when we tell a kid that we will buy him something tomorrow, isn't that small expectation makes him happy till tomorrow.Isn't these expectations they have on us make us reach somewhere in the huge crowd...think for yourself..

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