A dry leaf about to fall off

Just like a human life, the life span of the leaf had ended.Everyone remembers the day we are born or atleast ourselves. And we celebrate our birthday every year hoping we can do the same next year, like we say "many many happy returns of the day". But the chances of we living are in gods hand or like in math we say we have 50% chance in living or dying. We don't know the life after the death. What happens to us is actually a true mystery.There are many explanation given in many scriptures and scientific books. Do we actually believe that? In my case 'no'. Once my friend told me something that she has read somewhere. The incident was about a man who tried to suicide, was rescued by some fisher men.The man who was rescued told that the few moments before the end of his life was the most peaceful time in his entire life. He said that he actually didn't felt any pain just before his death. I don't know whether to believe him or not. Any way we know the death is something we can't stop. So why do we need to fight and hate and be cruel to someone. What if he/she is the only person who will be there for you , when you needed someone.

The time of this leaf has ended.During its time of life and after its death, someone is always being benefited. So after our death or during our living life, may someone benefit from us and remember us.


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