Panoramic photoghrapy

30 most breath taking panoramic photographies.
There is this site where I found 30 most beautiful photos.Out of all the 30 photos,I found 26 photos which are brilliant and so lively.I have been planning to buy a fujifilm DSLR camera with 14mp and 5x optical zoom.The camera suggested panorama photo mode in it.Since i haven't really captured any panoramic photography, i needed to know what actually this is and how to join the pics in order to make one. While searching in google,I found this site and the photos were soo good(in my opinion), so I thought to share it here.

There is this free software called AutoStitch, with which you can join the pics with less effort and less time consuming. Almost all the users have good commends on this software,except the fact that it does not work on mac PCs.I read lot of reviews which said it is free to download, but I could only find the trial version which is free to download.So here is the link.


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