Every blog i start with apologizing about my procrastination. damn, it's never going to leave me. even if i try harder. my friends say i am lazy to do the small stuffs. Getting a printout of a mail, cleaning the chips cover, going to my friends room, getting sign for the work already done years before etc always are hard for me to complete. when i think about it, its damn true. i find it hard to post a blog which i have already written. as the days passes by, and come across the same blog that i have written earlier. i find it BULLSHIT. the things i wrote with amusement and anxiety are worn out to craps that my brain build up while writing the blog. i never post it. i delete it.

i hope i post this one without giving a chance to rethinking about whether to post it or not. i always wonder how i get so many views. i even checked with my brother about the same. he said it's because of Ur peculiar style of writing. Now that's again a bullshit. he is family. even if i draw like a one year old, he would say its masterpiece. that's What family is for. that's statement reminded me of SUE from THE MIDDLE. lol

i don't know, how many of u knows that i am  a dental student. i am a dental student studying in one one the well known college in India and abroad. i am proud of saying that because i always felt, i at least deserves to study in a good one. i am a third year undergraduate student. its my third month in clinics. i am loving it. my conservative and endodontics, and prosthodontics posting are done. although i had my ups and downs, i am thoroughly enjoying What i am doing. everyday is a new experience. i meet new people. had a very bad time with people with odontophobia. language is a huge barrier. i can't even tell the patients that everything is going smooth and u don't need to worry about anything. prosthodontics made me fall in love with the professors. i recently had to do a jaw relation for my patients complete denture. i didn't get, then the interns came into rescue. they didn't get. and the last 15mins prof came into action. done in less than 10 mins. i was staring at her feeling amused by her hand work. i hope i one day becomes like her and many other profs.

it's my third year away from my home. it's a roller coaster experience. the people i thought i would hate their company is now my friends. the people i thought would be my good friends are not even close to being friends. we bought a new home , well my dad did. Removed my ugly braces. learned to control my anger. i am a master in that now. i learned to tolerate my noisy roommate. i learned to handle screaming profs(now we are in understanding terms and are good friends). learned to forget the grudge. learned to talk less with people who gives a shit about you( it's working very well, now they misses me.good luck with that. you had your chance, not anymore). 

time heals the pains. that's true. time even wash away the fake mask. that's true too. it both happened in this 3 years. seeing everyone change before u is upsetting and in some few cases, very happy. seeing people can't forget the past of a person who did wrong things and changed to a better person, make me feel upset. i have a friend who changed for better and still people can't see that, it's not right. and the people who have changed to worst, i don't even know how college can do that to someone. i just feel sympathy.  i spend three hours today talking with a girl who i spend least time with. she had a hard time in past few months. i had spoken with her in beginning of the college started. i used to get irritated by the way of her talking, the topics she spoke about. the past few months changed her. she is a whole new person. A better person.

In my case time changed me into a lazy person. I am trying hard to fight it back and become the old me.I am even so lazy to make food once in a day even when i am starving. Man i gotta try harder. Wish me luck with that.

well that's it. have a happy weekend :-)


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