When waste basket becomes a treasure

I heard the most amusing story of the lifetime from my brother. I didn't  knew how to respond when he said this to me.

My brother bought a PS2, I am guessing one year back. He bought a second-hand one since he just got a new job and belonging to a country like India playing video games for more than half an hour will be a  crime. Upsetting Indian parents are so easy in my opinion. Playing games for few hours, sitting ideally on the sofa in the evenings, chatting on the phone for half an hour or less, even not taking a bath in the early morning can upset Indian parents.  So we didn't know how exactly we were gonna use it.

He bought it while I was away from home with his friend. So when he came back I realised, he didn't bring two joysticks. So we had to play it separately. It was a huge loss.But as I already guessed, we used it to the least.

Few days back, bro asked me if I could play with him fifa14. I was like, yeah why not but we don't have two joysticks. He said yeah we do have. Oh. I thought the guy who sold it to him gave it. No further questions asked. While playing I had a trouble once in a while, whenever my Real Madrid  players kicked a ball, it went out. They never passed the ball. First, he thought it was my problem. We exchanged joysticks and he realized for himself that the problem was with the joystick.  He asked me to take another joystick from the box. I was like how come three sticks come in one box. His reply was the most amusing thing I have ever heard in a long time.

He said he got the other two sticks from waste basket. I was shocked for a moment and laughed so hard thinking about it. I asked him if he was joking and He replied nope. I was convinced he was not lying. I didn't ask anything further.I didn't want to know the condition of the waste basket and also its location. I am glad that at least now we have got two sticks to play together.

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