Back to home for 3 weeks

As u can guess from the title, I am back home after approx 4 months. U people have no idea how happy I feel about being back at home. Most of u might think I am crazy being homesick for not being home for few months. But I felt crazy depressed for not being home for that long. There are few reasons why I felt the way I did. I usually run back home every 2 months. But this time, it didn't happen bcoz of the back to back exams. I gave my external exam which was so stressful for me and lot of us, due to lack of study holidays that we got bcoz of our never-ending practical works. I gave 3 theory exams and 6 practical exams, so relieved that it got over now. It's super cold in Karnataka, but couldn't enjoy a bit of it. So this time, coming home was so exciting since we were having hard time in college and hostel.
 I planned to write the post while traveling, and to be honest it went well till my last guy friend got out. After seeing him off I went to update my post realising I accidentally deleted the post. I am not sure how but I was sleeping a lot, maybe I deleted it absent mined. Sorry about that but I will try to recollect as much a possible. So here we go...

We booked tickets on the exact same day our exam got over.We planned to catch midnight bus. Me and 5 of my friends began our journey by road. We were see offed by few of my friends and juniors. It was 25-27 degree celsius there and my friend booked an AC semisleeper bus. My friend who wasn't aware of this fact didn't take her jacket. I had a blanket which i was bringing home to wash, saved her ass. She was head to toe covered under blanket the whole bus journey.

We reached our destination around 5:15am. and one of the gal left for airport from there. Now its just 5 of us. We went to the railway station and then  directly went to the restroom there.

We boarded our train exactly at 6:15am and train took off at 6:30. We booked tickets few min before closing the counter. Therefore we were seated separately. With the permission from the fellow passengers we exchanged seats with them. So seating arrangement is, three sitting on one side and rest two seated opp. facing us. They were sharing seat with an uncle who is aged around 55-65yrs. He is definitely aged more than my dad. He is well dressed and looked like a gentleman and spoke once in a while about his doctor daughter. the other side was occupied by a bunch of old people definitely more enthusiastic than us. There were 2 uncle, omg can't describe how irritating those two were. I didn't eavesdrop, but those two  were so loud, I could hear what they were talking the entire time. The same old cliche dialogues from a guy who visited America. Next to them was another uncle, he was man of few words or he was no way related to the other two next to him. According to my friend he is a policeman. I don't agree at all. opp to them were an old couple. They were married for so long that they didn't have nothing left to talk with each other. They were always staring at something example me and my friends most of the time. There was an older man near the window whom i could barely see.

The moment we reached Tamil Nadu it was hell hot. We were coming from colder climate and the heat there was so horrible even the wind was burning my skin. I couldn't believe how just one  place in india is not touched by rain. One of my friend was so worried about this since his home is near to this place.

It was almost around 12:00, and we had a plate of hot spicy crispy mulaku bajji. man!! I can't explain how delicious they were. The chutney they provided with them complimented the bhaji so damn well. Later we had veg biriyani. I couldn't take pic of it as I was so hungry. The moment I got the pack I finished it within few mins. IRCTC food is definitely getting better.

Around 1 or so we entered kerala and we were welcomed by heavy rain. The climate got better, good gracious. I started seeing something green. It was a pleasant sight. Man I missed those. My friend sited few peacock, rest of us didn't. But I am definitely sure he wasn't lying becoz we were supposed to site them there. We crossed walayar forest and got to learn that it's a tiger reserve.

Uncle who sat with us spoke with us about the places we crossed. He showed his publication. It was a book for kindergarteners. He passed it to my friend. They passed it over just going through the cover page. I just hate this ignorant behavior. I went through the book. It had few short stories. I found cute story on peo the peacock and a story on a donkey, there were so many other things that used to interest me as a kid in it. Its definitely a treat for a kid.

At 2 or 2:30, two of the guys got out. They reached their destination. After seeing them off, we continued our journey. We started to chat(mostly the other two, I slept the whole journey from there on). I felt sleepy since those two were finally done talking and slept.

At 3 or 3:15, the last man with us got out. Now it's just we two gals. I just needed 1 and half hour to reach my home. It was  the longest wait if i count from last 4 months. I didnt sleep and checked for all the station name we crossed. And finally the wait was over, I reached my station. Got out. My friend had to travel another half an hour to rached her station. I saw my father waiting near the entrance for me. I was relieved. I am home. No more college burden..

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