Carrot Halwa

One of my goal for this vacation is to learn cooking and eat a lot. Yesterday was one of that day to achieve my goal. I cooked carrot halwa. I didn't take any help from my mom except asking her to find cardamom powder and wash plate. It took me around one hour or more to cook the dessert. It wasn't a flop, everyone enjoyed every bit of it. Even I liked the taste.

I prepared this in the evening so lighting wasn't good, hence I used candy camera to take the photo. If you liked how it looks, scroll down to see for the recipe. Keep in mind- I am not a professional cook nor do I cook daily. These are my experiments so you can make slight adjustments as you wish.


Carrot (I prepared for 4)
Ghee 1-2 tablespoon
Cardamom powder


Heat the nonstick pan and add ghee to it.
As the ghee get heated add grated carrot to it. 
Mix it well. keep the flame in medium and cook for 20 -25 mins. 
Stir intermittently. 
Then put the flame to high for 8 to 10 mins while covering it with a lid with stirring once in a while.
Open the lid.
Pour 100 to 150ml of  milk to it and stir well by soaking carrot in milk.
Keep in medium flame and cook for another 20 mins.
keep stirring once in a while. 
After 20mins open the lid and add sugar(accordingly) to it and mix.
Add cardamom powder(little. not necessary), raisin and cashew.
Close the lid and cook for 10-15mins in low flame. Keep stirring intermittently
Open the lid and increase the flame to medium and cook for 2-3 mins while stirring.
Ready to serve. Serve hot.

It worked out for me, hope it works out for u too.

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