Kireedam (crown)

After coming home I have been busy. Ate so much. Mom said I lost weight and she is feeding me all the time, now I can't remember how hunger feels like, today I didn't do anything in particular. I woke up, had breakfast, went through many interior designing software, visited my new home under renovation and went with mom to rectify some issues in her office. But that evening I was home alone and was  left with nothing much to do. I was going through youtube. I have a weird habit of playing movies in background and browsing. I didn't have any movie in particular in my mind.

Last time when I was back home for vacation, I remember seeing a movie named Kireedam. And also remember me crying through the entire span of the movie. With this hangover, I saw the second part thinking at least that will have a better ending. man! I  was bloody damn wrong. I even cold after watching that. My dad came home seeing me cry badly that day.

I wanted to watch it one more time. that would be my second time. but I didn't want to cry like that again. So I played it in the background while browsing. Got to say that the movie still had a huge impact on me.

I thought I should write about this brilliant movie, and maybe let everyone watch it.

This movie was released back in 1989. This movie is  older than I am. Language is Malayalam,which most of u might not be familiar with.

The movie begins with Achuthan Nair dreaming about his son Sethumadhavan becoming a police officer and getting posted in his same office. He dreamt of saluting his son in uniform. This was the only dream he had. Sethu was an obedient son. He works very hard to achieve his father's goal. He loves his family and was a simple man with ordinary life. He is in love with his cousin (not offensive, it was a tradition in old Kerala. Not seen nowadays). He passed the physical test and was almost ready to becoming a police after the theory exams. Achuthan Nair is a proud police officer and always in righteous path.

One day,while in duty Achuthan Nair gets offended by seeing a young man pushing a constable. he gets in dispute with his young fellow who was  the son of MLA(member of legislative assembly). They threatened Achuthan Nair and asked him to apologize to the young man, which he refused to do. As a result, he got transferred to a place called Rama Puram. This place was known for its notorious activities.

Problems didn't stay away from Achuthan Nair's life. He again got in dispute with a criminal in his new place. He got beaten up by this criminal (Keerikadan Jose). Seeing this, Sethumadhavan came running towards his father and fought with Jose. He won in this fight. Villagers were so stunned to see this and started to praise Sethumadhavan. His father Achuthan Nair filed a case against him for beating up a person in public. As the inspector knows Sethumadhavan's  history, he removed him from the case and asked  him to stay away from troubles.

This was the end of Sethumadhavans normal peaceful life. You can see him running around worrying about what he did. Trying to stay away from everything.

While this time his brother-in-law and a local goon starts collecting money from people in his name. When he become aware of this, without any other choice left he beat the goon and ask everyone not to give money to anyone in his name. His father becoming upset about him calls him a criminal. Sethumadhavan was almost kicked out from his home. Nowhere else to go, Sethumadhavan while resting under a tree, he was attacked by a man from Jose's gang. Sethu pleas to  the man to stop fighting and says he wants to lead a normal life. Despite this, he ends up nearly killing this man.

His all hope of leading a normal life fades away gradually. The girl he loved was married off.

This time, his father gets a notification that Sethumadhavan passed the theory exam and is selected for police training. Everyone is happy seeing this news and thinks he can escape from this life and gets back to what he was.

This same time Keerikadan Jose is back from the hospital and is all set to take revenge. While Sethu stays away from this place, Keerikadan attacks his mother and siblings.

He realized there is no escape from this life and goes meet Keerikadan. A huge fight between them is shown and Sethu stabs Keerikadan with a sharp-ended knife. Achuthan Nair sees this painfully. He writes a report saying Sethumadhavan is disqualified for police training camp and states he is a notorious criminal. Sethumadhavan is sentenced to prison for 14yrs.

You can find this movie in Youtube but I couldnt find subtitle. The actors are brilliant with excellent acting. Do watch it.

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