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I am a travel freak. If u ask me how many places I have visited.Trust me, it's not that many.  And if u ask me why. The reasons are plenty. Wrong group, shitty dramas, wrong timings, shortage of money, stupid rules, permissions what not. Traveling for me is not just wearing dresses and making jokes with friends and boasting about the travel with everyone you meet. Nah that's just not me. Traveling for me it's about the feel, the adventure, the road, the excitement, the food, the people, the essence,  and things that can't be described in words. My brother tells me every time when I talk or plan a trip, once I get married I can go with him. I can't believe that he doesn't know me. And I don't know to explain him how I love to travel and how to enjoy that feel. I want to enjoy that alone and not with someone. I want that to be felt and not shared.

I have gone trips with my best friend. When I think about it, I feel I never enjoyed it. There is always dramas, talks about what others feel about our trips, the couple who always fight, the mood swing one, a girl who is so melodramatic, the one who tries to be left alone, the one who doesn't take eyes off from the phone. Dude come on, we came for a fucking trip. It's not for the time to fight, be dramatic, be cautious, be cool or be on phone. That is not an ideal trip for me.

"If you wanna be happy, be with the happy person". As said in the malayalam movie - neelakasham pachakadal chuvannabhumi. If you wanna enjoy a trip you need to be with people who knows to enjoy too. I have been planning trips with my best buddies quite a long time. For one reason or the other, it gets canceled. Thank goodness it did. Me and my clinical batchmates were talking how monotonous and boring our lives are. Suddenly a day we planned to make a trip. The location was a huge problem. And we ended up deciding Gokarna. The best decision ever made. We are a group of 8. 3 guys and 5 gals. 1 from Delhi, 1 from Rajasthan, 1 from Malaysia, and 5 from Kerala. We made an awesome gang of 8. All knew to enjoy.

Gokarna..i don't know to explain. If there is heaven on earth, it is this. The beach is always awake. we walked on the beach at night. We bearly could see each other. We played like 5-year-old kids. Best time I ever had in a long time. The beach looks beautiful at night. The bright colorful lights in the hut like restaurants surrounding the beach, makes it looks more majestic. We all sat there on the beach and enjoyed this magnificent moment. That was a moment that would never return to my life. We went to half moon beach from Om beach with the help of a boat. It cost around 300 per head. We saw the dolphins on the way to half moon beach. They threw us in middle of the sea, of course with a life jacket. That was " Zindagi Na mileage Dobara" for me. I don't know swimming and I get scared just by looking into the water. But that moment I forgot to get scared and enjoyed the moment. We all floated on the water. It was so relaxing and peaceful. We did a small trekking. We played football. We ate food from Italian to Mexican, to Tibetan, to Israeli to what not. We didn't knew how to pronounce any of its names. We were pointing it out to the waiter. That life on the beach was an unforgettable experience for each of us. We just carried one phone in the case of any emergencies and to take photos. We almost forgot to take the photos because we were captured in the moment.

A week after we went for another trip to Wonderla. It's an amusement park. It was a different experience from Gokarna. It was adventures. We went to all the land and water rides.We were like crazy people. We were running from one to another ride to not waste time. And we were talking damn too loud. We were describing and evaluating and scoring each ride.We always forgot the fact that we were talking in English that too so loud. People were smiling seeing our excitement. The two members who were so scared to get into the land rides, got into the land rides with us and got out of the fear. They had the guts to enter the rides with us. So no one was left out anywhere.

The New year was best for me. I got to spend new year with my family. And then got to go an amazing trip with amazing people. Hoping this year going to be filled with happiness, fun, and usefulness.

Evening at the beach.We forgot to take the photo of the sunset. Oops😉😉😅


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