The Killing

I always had no idea, about what i like or  dislike. Thinking about it makes it more difficult. When i think of downloading a movie, I get stuck. Picking the genre is the most difficult part. The net connection in india is so weak, it would take 6 to 9hr to download a 500MB movie. So picking the right movie is very crucial for me. running through all the genre, trust me drags me through lot of "emotions". My mind goes through like this.... comedy, naa drama, err a scifi, hmm a thriller, oh oh oh a goes on...
We had this tv series downloaded and kept for like 2 year or so. Last week or something i thought of watching it. I watched the first episode of 'The Killing',. I have watched many investigation series, but something of this kind, no not before. I always had a liking for Dexter because of the feel'  that series provide, no too many joking around, or too much unnecessary dialogs or anything like that. I like Supernatural because of its story, After watching an entire season, I find it difficult to sleep alone. It is not because of what they show, but because of what they say. Most of the time I think of doing "bad" or think of something i did "bad", i think of what the said about going through hell. And about angels and demon walking around you, not so cool with me. Thats what make Supernatural my favorite. Its like grandmother saying about devils, demon and hell so as to keep kids from doing bad deeds.
Watching The Killing, i completed one season in 2 days or more. I like the way they gave importance to the three story and three life. Most of the series just shows the investigation part, but this one it showed how the lifes changes after the family comes to know their child was brutally murdered by someone. The actors did a fab job, even the kids too. When the parents confront the younger siblings about their sister death, oh that made me cry like a baby. Another thing that attracted me was the process of investigation, how the days passed by, how each suspect gets out with an alibi, the councilman's connection with the murder and what not.
So i figured out i definitely have a liking for this kind of series or movies.
For those who are like me, if you want to watch something of this kind, make sure you watch this.
Happy summer vacation. (opps only in India)

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