My first ENGLISH song

Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul
My First english song that i have listened is  at the age of 3 or 4  is the above song. You might be wondering how i remember my age so clearly.This is the third house i am living in right now, so kind of exactly sure of 'at what age i lived in which house'. We had this Old fiat car, a black one if i need to be specific. Me, my parents and my brother used to travel together in it. We didn't had CD player instead we had a cassette player, nowadays you don't see those that easily.I remember winding and unwinding our cassette with a pen or a pencil through its hole to listen to a particular song, me, my brother and my father always used to do this, i think it was our little thing. Miss those days and gone are those days. Every time when we travel at night through the streets of kochi i remember father playing these songs and i used to lie on my mother's lap in the back seat. Listening to these songs by Modern Talking makes my nostalgic. I think everyone have a song which brings a smile in their face.

Credits: this video has been shamelessly copied from youtube. So if the owner wants me to remove the above video pls send me an email.


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