Its been like a year or so I actually felt like writing on blog. I don't know what made me write it today but i definitely know why i didn't do it earlier these days.
I think i am starting to learn what life really is.I know that some of you might be a bit confused about what i am actually talking about , but i am damn sure that many of you might have gone through the same.
18 years of my life seems to be so easy and trouble free, which i thought was tough in those days. I got whatever i needed, school was the easiest part of the most of the trouble that i have ever got into, and family, the place where i always shout at'.
After completing my 12th i had no idea things would be different and hard. When i look at my brother, i always think that life has been so easy for him from the beginning and so would be mine. He has got what ever he wanted, a great college, no burden to the family about his college fee, and what ever i look at was perfect with him. i never knew about the trouble he had gone through(since he had never said to me in those days).
I always thought my life too would be like his, although i take less effort than him. Just two months back i found it is always not what you wish for and dream for. Things that happened in these days have definitely changed me.The hard and the saddest part was, that i couldn't survive those. Still now sometime i feel like i had made a few bad decision but still hoping that turns out to be fine since with all those support that my father and brother given me, i just want them to be happy with my decision at the end of the day. I am sure that this is just the beginning and i wish with god's grace 'i' turns out to be fine because i want to be. I have never believed in god this much in my entire life. In these last few days i have learnt so many things and i am hoping to learn more.

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