this is the view of the window of my study room.i have to say that, this is my most favorite place in my house.whether i am happy or not, this is the place i wanted to be. in this whole world,i guess this is the only place where you can be yourself and not pretend to be someone you know the funniest thing about my study room?of course no.let me tell you then,my room consist of things from a dot pen to huge electrical apps.,this list also include medicines, dresses,and even craft things for my school projects.and coming to the funniest part,if i am in need of something so urgently and without that i can't continue my work, if i search any thing at that time, even if i spent hours for it,i won't be able to find it. and later if i am searching for something else, i will find the thing i was searching before. i guess this has happened to at least a few. any way, i posted this photo only because this is my favorite place.


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