I always wanted to write about this but this is something i am really afraid of which made this much time lag to write about it.Few days earlier we had some people in our school to talk on the traffic situation in India and lot of other places.The session was really interesting and the police who came to talk about it also was very much alive.he showed us a few videos of traffic block in India and few other places.That was actually a lot of fun to know how people in this world drive.Usually when such programmes are arranged, we students don't pay much attention to it.But this time th situation was different, all of them were very attentive and keen to know what he was talking about.
After we had lots of fun, he started to show the photos from the accidents took place due to the lack of attention paid by the drives.That was so sympathetic.The pictures showed us how brutally people were killed in those accidents.I still remember few photos were people have lost their body parts and the road is flooded with blood.They also gave details about the no. of people getting killed in accidents in every 1 min, and about the increase in vehicles in each country etc..
After seeing and knowing this i actually felt sorry for the people who got killed in those accidents, because in the majority case these people are dead only because of the other peoples fault.
These accidents could be reduced by each divers by paying attention on the road.When i see newspaper articles about road accidents, it reminds me of this session we had with the traffic police.I hope in the coming years we could decrease the no. of people getting killed in the road accidents.


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