Travelling is so cool

I was back after the one day trip at 11 pm.There was nothing much to see there,but we did had a good time in the bus.We were singing, dancing and most of all howling.The major problem we faced was the huge no. of leech.More than 5 leeches had bitten one of my classmate, and this time i was lucky because they leaved me alone.We went for trekking and we took more than half hour to climb on top of the rock.My leg was aching a bit but after that the panorama of the city soothed my pain.We rested on the rock until our other members reached.It was very cold up there and the cool breeze almost made me fall asleep.That was the most beautiful part of our trip.At night we where all tired but the laser in the bus along with the rocking music made us jump out of the seats.Although it was a one day trip, we had a blast.This time i didn't lose my voice which made the trip more joyful.
There is no photo from my trip, as we were not allowed to take the camera

Here is the picture of "vagamon kurisumala" which i shamelessly copied from google images
credits:google image


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