True friends

Since childhood i had many best friends.or you can say that in each class i get a new best friend. i don't know why but i never got a chance to keep one.In my class 10th i finally met a few who i always wanted to be with.i think the main reason was that we all shared the same feeling about our new class.we actually never got a good time to spent with each other which caused to develop a wide gap between us.later in the 2nd term of the class 10 academic year,i have to say that we had actually got really attached to each other.we almost had a quite a large no. of people in our group.the time we spent together was always fun.
There was an incident in my social class which took place in the last days of my class 10th .our social teacher was a cute, chubby and a sweet mam who had to control the most studious as well as criminal students, who always play with the teacher in a friendly way.all the teachers knew that we 5 where best the portions where over, all the students in our class started to skip the classes, enjoy the free time and most of all make noise and irritate teachers while talking in the class!!so one day in a social class we planned to take off our mask from being good kids.we decided to jump out the class with the permission of the teacher so that if we are caught we can tell them that we came out with the permission of the teacher.we paired us into 2 groups with one left out as she didn't wanted to get caught.first me and one of my friend got out saying we needed to use the wash room urgently.we had a huge smile on our face,yet our mam leaved us knowing that we had some plans.after 5 min the other pair went to ask permission, and she said yes to them as she did to us.we both where waiting for them outside the class and they came out jumping on their heels.we 4 were so happy and we started to laugh thinking that we cheated our social mam!!later within a few min the one who was left out in the class came to us with a blushing face.we approached her to enquire why she came out as she insisted she didn't want to bung the class. her replay made us feel so backfired.she said seeing her sitting alone in her place, social mam has asked her pleasantly to leave the class and join her friends, where ever they were planning to go.!!!!we all where so stunned to hear her answer and we went back to class silently and our teacher was smiling at us as we entered the class.those where the golden days in my one of my friends left the school and two of them are in different classes as they opted for different branch for class 11.because of the heavy class schedule we never get chance to meet each other in break time.although we meet in certain festive season in some common place which is convenient for everyone to reach.
I think this is something that will happen in our life and that continue to happen through out our is so crazy,right?

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