Ode to windows7-Through 3 os in one week

The first day after my computer OS was changed to Linux, I was totally not interested in it. XP was always my fav OS as I have been using it since my childhood. But when the latest version (windows7)of windows was published,I got a proposal to change my old OS. As it was the latest version and few of my friends had it, I decided to change my OS. But that became the worst decision I ever took. As on board video card drivers was not able to support windows 7, the screen resolution was 640*480. also the sound was not detected. I searched for the drivers to install in my PC but I couldn't find one in there site. So I again decided to change my OS back to XP. That too ended very badly! my PC again was not able to support XP. I don’t know why it happened so. As it had been in use for a long time, it should have installed properly.again I searched for the drivers and I found one for the video and sound. I did these searching in my bro’s computer and I copied it from his and installed it to mine. The resolution changed from 640*480 to 1024*768 but the sound was not again read after the installation. The worst part of that was is, for uploading XP I had to format my drivers which is not needed when windows 7 is installing.Two or three days before all these drama took place, I copied all my personal stuffs from my mob to PC. That included my class get together photos, photos I click whenever I travel, my song collections and many other. As it had only 512 MB memory card that time, whenever I click a photo or take a video, it shows that its memory is filled. So I emptied my cell. Later when I found out that I have to format my PC to install XP back, I was really devastated. As there was no other solutions I decided to say yes if that would save the issue. But "again" my PC went against me for the 3rd time.XP didn’t install in my computer. I tried to do it for several time. Other than my waste of time nothing ever changed. When finally it some how got installed, it did not support the sound and video again. So I stopped spending time on it and decided to move on to Linux. I have used it a couple of times as my cousins had them. The installation was way easier than the XP and win7. As a restless person I thought that it would be the right option for my PC. Everything went on very well and finally my PC have supported something:-) first I found it friendly to use than XP. And my computer was way faster than it had been before.It was able to read few video file which did not even detected by my XP system. I was so satisfied with my decision and I thought I could start everything from the fresh new beginning. I began to install certain many softwares to my new OS. Later I learned that it can only be read in XP and they cannot be read by my new OS."And that was the end of all the beginning".I used it for two or three days and without anything in my PC I found it completely utter nonsense to use it. Although I had to buy a new VGA card which cost 450Rs(indian rupee) and with some "other'' troubles, after a few days I some how managed to install win7. And sound and video was again read properly. Now its been days I have been using it. Although it is not as fast as it was when it was Linux, I enjoy using it. For an amateur person and one who had been using windows for years, they will find Windows more comfortable than Linux.


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