Why do we behave like this

I took this photo with my bro's friends mobile camera.As he was out for few days he gave his mobile to my brother.As my brother know that i am interested in editing photos and my mobile has 1.5 mp camera, bro allowed me to use it only if i promise not to damage it.I was so contemned as my bro trusted me.That day evening he left with my uncle to his house.After he went i was sitting idly for few hrs in front of the laptop and later i thought of entertaing me with the "new" camera.
when i went to the terrace,i got to see few crows sitting on the branches patiently.At first they were scared of me and later we started to built a bond.
When i found those crows sitting on the branches, a big question striked in my head-why we people can't sit like that even for a minute? let me make it clear for you,in my life in school there had never been a situation where we students sat together in silents(and thats the reason why our principal always scold us). yes there had been a couple of moments where we were silent, but that has only happened when we were sleepy in social and chemistry classes.
lets take another example, when you go out for a family function or for a get together, you can see gossips starting to bud in few peoples mind and that won't take too long to spread into a huge crowd.why, need to go outside, lets take our life as an example,has there been any situation where argument hasn't started in you family for simple reasons.
Just think!!


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