Although this is my dad's glasses on the table, I don't know why but it reminds me of my grand father.I still remember the day my grand father was dead.That was for the second time my grand father was hospitalized for blood clotting in the brain.I never visited him in the hospital as i thought he would recover again from the clotting and also as i was in class 8th and i never knew the feeling of missing someone for an entire life.That day as usual i got up and went to school.As it was interclass competition the day after, we were busy in rehearsals.As i was the coordinator of dance I had to finalize everything and as it was our last day of free periods we were enjoying it to our maximum.At this time an attender came to our class and said that i was called to principals office and he also asked me to pack my bag and take it with me.I knew that something was wrong.When i reached the office i saw my dad standing their and after a short conversation with the vice principal we left there and went to the car.In the car i saw my uncle waiting for us.From there we three went to pick up my brother from his college.We were not informed until we reached our grandparents place that my grandfather was dead.And I never knew i would miss someone so much.Although we had some small fighting, i always knew he loved me.He used to buy me my favorite foods, and used bring me back to my house from their place as i hate to use public transport system even though he was not in good conditions, he used to watch T V with me although he falls asleep sometimes, most of all he used to wait for me on his permanent place near to the front door until i reach the house from my school.That time i never valued him, but when i lost him i understood how important he was in my life.


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